Happu Ki Ultan Paltan is a Hindi Indian TV show sitcom that proclaimed on March 4th, 2019 at & TV.

The famous TV serial ‘Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’ remains the first choice in every household. In the serial, along with ‘Happu Singh’, his wife and children’s characters are also well-liked.

Since the oil combing hair that twirls perfectly on his forehead, his smile silly paan stained spotlighting their atypical mustache – viewers funny potbellied, corrupt Daroga Happu Singh has made me laugh like no other over the years.

Happu Singh has 9 children in the serial and the special thing about the children is that they are quite different from each other in their antics. Also, the language of the children is quite different; some speak in English and some in Haryanvi.

The Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Episode starts with Happu asking Amma why she didn’t go to Pathakpur to Atbeer Mama’s house. Amma says there’s a cold climate there and asks him directly says he wants to leave.

Happu says it’s good to go at this time. Amma says he is thinking if he wants to prepare for a tenth child. Happu says it is losing to talk to you. Children prepare to go to school. Rajjo gets there and gives Tiffinsto the children.

In happu ki ultan paltan full episode Amma asks Rajjo to come near her and tells her that she has taken a decision. She says I am retiring. Rajjo laughs and speaks you don’t do any job that you are retiring. Ammautters she wants to retire from her duty to switch the house. Rajjo asks her to play some more. Amma says she just wants to retire.

Hritik says his mother is also a respectable player. Amma says he has run the house on a small budget. RajjoAmma said to have been the house with a fat budget.

Amma asks what he is saying and gives clues to her, asking her to manage household expenses Rs 25000. Rajjo says that will manage the house with Rs. 10000. She walks away from the challenge.

happu ki ultan palatan

Happu ki ultan paltan latest episode

In happu ki ultan paltan latest episode Makwana says when I was commissioner, I used to enjoy when you do buttering. Manohar says then also you didn’t do my advertising. New Commissioner comes there.

Manohar and Makwana argue before Happu. Happu scolds them and asks them to stand upright. Wondering why they are fighting and tells him that a friend is fishing neck another friend. It is said that his friend grabbed his neck and shaken.

Manohar says Makwana is not my friend. Happu says I will get you suspended. Beni arrives there and happu kisses on her cheeks, she apologizes to him for raising his hand on him. Happu says I got up and knocked on the floor.

Beni apologizes to him. happu says he could not believe he is apologizing to me. Beni says I made a big mistake and apologizes. Happu forgives him. Manohar and Makwana hug and patches. Says to pack breakfast and lunch, along with the feast of wine.

Happu laughs and asks who is giving the party. Beni talks about his friend who is promoted by cheesing his boss. Happu questions if this happens. Makwana says when he was commissioner, I liked it when no butter.

Talking about the show, Mr. Vishnu Shankar, director, and TV said: “With Happu Ki UltanPaltan, we are happy to strengthen our programming line Monday through Friday, with a comedy family situation designed around a character that enjoys a strong following throughout the country.

The show’s crazy plots and characters will give a foretaste of a typical common man’s household routine and his daily troubles. For the audiences, the show undertakes to be an out entertainer and an escape into a laughter riot with Happu and his Paltan.”

Speaking on the show’s concept, Sanjay Kohli from Edit II Production said, “Happu Singh has been a favorite amongst viewers ever since the inception of the character in the hugely popular BhabijiGhar Par Hai. This huge fan following for Happu encouraged us to come up with a show revolving around his life at home and it’s sure to entertain the audience.

Happu Ki UltanPaltan will capture the hilarious situations that will take place in Happu’s home with his bindaas wife, nagging mother and his nine pesky kids, with helpless Happu in the center of all their madness. We are optimistic that viewers will love this show and laugh along.”


In the upcoming episode, we see the Commissioner asking Happu to report to him at the police station. What chaos is about to follow? To find out, keep watching Happu Ki UltanPaltan only on& TV.

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