People have statues of themselves made just as they do portraits. It is a form of self-imagery and creates a long-lasting artistic record. While others may consider it as a form of vanity, there is that enticing feeling of having an option to make a statue of yourself.

Throughout history, humanity built statues as an acknowledgment for deserving people who usually begot great contributions to society. Some of them are political leaders who brought significant changes to their land, famous artists who made a name for themselves in their corresponding field, and even renowned athletes with remarkable abilities.

However, anyone can have a statue of themselves made just for the fun of it. This stone craft works excellently for a home garden design.

Stone replicas are not the only statues that exist. There are also plastic or resin statues, which are usual materials for manufacturing toys and other collectibles. Nowadays, they make great gifts for a special friend.

Anyone can have a statue made just for the fun of it. If you also feel like rewarding or gifting a person with a miniature version of himself, a small figure that looks like them would be amazing!

There are plenty of statue options one can ponder on. It all depends on that person’s preferences and budget. Here are some of the best ways to get a statue made.

Commissioning A Sculptor

The most common materials used by traditional sculptors are wood, marble, and bronze. Woodcarvers use knives or chisels to sculpt a statue. While it is the cheapest option of the three, it is more vulnerable to damage from decay or fire. Wooden sculptures are better displayed indoors.

Own Statue Created

Bronze and marble, on the other hand, are better choices when it comes to longevity. As marble ages, it becomes more durable and stays harder, which gives it a long-lasting effect. Both materials are advantageous as they are weather-resistant thus can be displayed outdoors.

A sculptor would have to charge thousands of dollars for a bronze cast or a carved marble only to cover the initial costs in starting the project. Moreover, the initial costs would also depend in accordance to your needs or requests. The final price would depend on how famous the sculptor is. It can range from around five to tens of thousands.

3D Printed Sculpture

A 3D-printed life-size statue costs a considerable amount of time and supplies. It takes hundreds of hours to print several parts, and these parts need to assemble. With this much time and effort put into a single project, the costs would considerably be expensive.

Life-sized 3D printed statues start from around $15,000 and can reach to more than twice that amount depending on the materials and the number of parts required. While the costs can be high, the upside to 3D printing is that the details are incredibly lifelike.

Personalized Bobbleheads

Bobblehead is probably the most popular choice considering that it is the easiest way to get a miniature statue. There are plenty of stores offering fully customizable bobbleheads online. Anyone can casually order, and the waiting time is significantly less as compared to traditional sculpting or 3D printing.

Personalized bobbleheads serve as a wonderful gift for a friend, or you can even have a collection of personal bobblehead statues. Moreover, personalized bobbleheads are generally affordable. While it is the cheapest choice among the three, a bobblehead can also last a long time, which means it makes perfect memorabilia.

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