The Grand Canyon is one place on Earth that should go in your life’s bucket list. Being one of the Seven Wonders of The World, the Grand Canyon not only offers a world-scenic view, but it also offers tons of recreational activities such as helicopter rides, horseback riding, jeep and land tours, and you can even visit their ever-famous Skywalk or go for a fun adventure via water rafting. Water rafting at the Grand Canyon comes in two ways: motorized rafting and paddle rafting.

Difference Between Motorized and Paddling Rafting

When you go to the Grand Canyon, whitewater rafting is a must, and you should not miss out on that. It is fun, especially when you come in a group. You can meet new people in the activity, or you can even bond with your friends and family. Take your adventure to an extraordinary level and maximize your trip to the Grand Canyon by going water rafting.

When you go water rafting, you will be given two options: to go for a motorized water rafting or a paddle water rafting. Both types are fun to do, but motorized and paddled rafting offers a different experience to the tourists. To know more about which kind of rafting would suit your adventurous spirit, here are some things that you need to know about the two.

Motorized Water Rafting

Motorized rafting can make your travel at twice the speed compared to a paddled rafting. This will give you more views of the canyon’s sights on your holiday. A motorized raft at the Grand Canyon is arguably one of the best rafting activities in the whole rafting industry.

The Grand Canyon Whitewater tours offer a lot of packages that you can avail that includes motorized water rafting. Water rafting trips are divided into two: full canyon trips and partial canyon trips.

Full Canyon Trips

Full Canyon trips have two options: an eight-day motor trip and a seven-day motor trip. For the 8-day motor trip, you will be traversing two-hundred twenty-five river miles from Lees Ferry down to Diamond Creek. It is this long journey that makes the rafting trip very special. You can’t find a motorized raft trip that is longer than this. You will get to experience world-class whitewater rafting, camp out at the Colorado River beaches every single night, and you can even get to see side canyon trails and waterfalls.

With the seven-day motor trip, you can get the chance to discover the full canyon. You will have the option to take the round-trip transportation from Las Vegas, or you can go to the Marble Canyon.

Partial Canyon Trips

Partial Canyon trips also offer two options: a five-day motor with a hike in flight and a 4-day motor hike out. The five-day motor trip includes rafting and a hiking quest in a limited amount of time. The journey begins with a tough ten-mile hike into the Grand Canyon coming from the South Rim to the Colorado River. At the end of the trip, you will find yourselves returning to the South Rim again.

As for the 4-day motor trip with hike out, this is the toughest as well as the shortest trip that is being offered in the Grand Canyon. Hiking and rafting start from Lees Ferry to Marble Canyon. The tour will end with a round-trip to Flagstaff, AZ.

Paddled Water Rafting

Although motorized rafting is faster, paddled rafting is more adventurous than motorized rafting. Why? Because it lets you manually hover the raft while you go all the way down the canyon’s rivers. If you’re the type of person who likes to go slower on trips, paddled rafting is the one you should go for. Going on a paddled rafting needs more than just buddies that you can tag along with because the people that will be coming for this activity should be team players as well. Paddled water rafting is more complicated and riskier than motorized rafting, so you need to stick with your group for you to go all the way down the river. This is an excellent bonding opportunity, especially if you come with your friends or family.

A Grand Canyon whitewater rafting adventure is something that you should not miss out, so you better have this on your bucket list and try it soon.

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