Contemporary office decorations have, for the most part, progressed and innovated from the completely utilitarian and stodgy look of the past years. With more and more senior officials employing and enjoying office styles that include either a gallery wall or photo wall, the look and vibe of today’s offices have improved and changed dramatically.

Over the years, most workspaces were designed and engineered to keep employees focused entirely on work without any distractions. There was no budget or room for decorations and art to make the office more welcoming and appealing.

The modern way of thinking is that the more pleasant and comfortable a workspace is, the more prolific and effective the employee will be. The increasing number of home offices supports this notion of pleasant workspaces equals higher productivity. With that said, here are some art ideas from Florida Art Galleries that you can incorporate in your office.

Framed Artworks

Lovely and charming artworks can be, for the most part, framed as ornately or as simply as your creativity and inventiveness allow – for instance, a painting of a  buck. You can frame it and matte in numerous shades of white. Or you can simply buy a framed painting in any Florida Art gallery. Consider placing the framed artwork on a black wall and surround it with corkboard.

This idea will make your art more evident and striking. Also, it will make the frame look like a part of the entire wall.

Art Ideas

A Variety of Frame Styles

Mixing different or various frame styles for your artwork and photos establishes a distinct display for your office gallery wall. This idea combines numerous ways to display your art with the inclusion of hanging pockets and clipboards as well.

Industrial Art

Bold is indeed beautiful and pleasing. The heavy, strong line of the office’s patterned floor and husky furniture create the best way to showcase and exhibit the unique decoration of the wall. For instance, you can use a wire bristle brush to add flavor and flair to your workspace.

The Best Moments of Your Life

Showcasing the vital moments of your life is, for the most part, much easier when you make a gallery wall of different sized artworks and photos. Mounting the pieces in, more often than not, a circular shape or layout aids in tying them or binding them together for a more unified and cohesive presentation.

Square Prints

If you cannot see or appreciate the charm of square prints in a, for the most part, grid formation, then you should have to be one. The uniform shape and size let you organize and the reorganize your display. There’s no wrong method of putting these pieces of art together on your wall gallery on your office.

Create an Impact

Black and white prints and pictures can, without a doubt, a significant impact. When you have a uniquely striking image mounted and framed, it will create a lasting impression on your guests, visitors, and employees.

Useful Items

It’s entertaining when you can mix and integrate utilitarian and useful items into a decorating layout that is both functional and attractive. For example, you can pair a vintage, large calendar with a collector’s item cubby hole cabinets on the wall to establish a pleasing and pleasant place to work. The mixture or blend of aged wall art and furnishings with modern electronics is, without a doubt, a champ in every book.


Attractive or nice-looking shelves could be, for the most part, contemplated or thought out as an office wall art. The uniform and evenly shaped placement and arrangement of the shelving and brackets combine to create an amusing display. You can add other decorative pieces such as framed artwork to complete the whole piece.

Plates and Mirrors

Plates are not just for the dining table anymore because they can be used as a creative display for either kitchen art or a more feminine place of work. On the other hand, mirrors reflect and invite large amounts of natural light. All in all, rather than putting your beloved dishes in the cupboard, take them out to display and relish their beauty every day.


Creating a more inspiring place of work does not have to be complicated and challenging. Whether you choose to use or take advantage of some of the ideas above or plan out on your own, there’s undoubtedly inspirations and ingenuity all around you. With that said, make your office or workspace your own and that welcomes you and inspires you every day to do your best and finish your work. Keep in mind that the better the surrounding, the higher the productivity. So, keep your workspace clean, neat, and pleasing to inspire you to do more and to uplift your work.

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