So what are these mobile market app agencies and what do they do? These are firms responsible for outsourcing partly or fully all your marketing needs. You give them the mandate to market your app so that it may appear amongst those topping charts. It is up to them to decide what strategies they are going to use to make that happen but at the moment the least you can do is not worry about your app popularity woes. There are many benefits of having a popular mobile app such as advertisement endorsements which by the way helps you rake in lots of money and just that reason tells you why many developers would kill to have their apps ranking in the top charts. For any mobile app marketing agency, a successful establishment of an app in the market is a sure way of coming up with other newer strategies since competition is always stiff where there is a smell of business opportunity. We shall look at various ways in which these marketing agencies ensure that your mobile apps does not just exist, but up and about.

Most apps advertising agencies service a lot of marketing channels while some tend to specialize in select services.

App Marketing

Services offered by marketing agencies

This is a breakdown of services offered by agencies by marketing channels;

Mobile app marketing channels

Mobile app marketing channels

  • Paid social

This mobile app marketing channel which is majorly driven by Instagram and Facebook happens to be one of the largest channels. It uses data which is usually acquired on various social media platforms users and combines targeting abilities as portrayed in the displays.

  • Paid search

This marketing channel is mostly used by websites and app companies and is often managed by agencies working with paid social or display.

  • App store optimization services

This service is a great contributor to an increased number of downloads from app stores pages and helps reduce marketing costs. There is an increasingly growing number of app store optimization specialized agencies which are out there to take care of your marketing needs.

  • Display

The display is one app marketing channel for your advertisement needs and it works by creating lasting and potential impressions using manageable sophisticated tools.

  • PR or influencer

A popular influencer or publication for that matter can boost downloads by just mentioning your app. A lot of mobile app advertising agencies are regular PR practitioners while others only implement it as part of the launch plan.

  • Engagement

Comprising of email push in-app messaging.This type of marketing is more important compared to web marketing when it comes to mobile app marketing because it helps cut high costs of user acquisition.

  • Organic social

This kind of marketing channel is mostly useful for those brands which have the possibility of building and benefiting from a community connection with users and there are a number of agencies who specialize in that area. Traditional marketing which comprises of use of radio, TV, print media and of course direct mail. This marketing channel is also used by some mobile app advertisers to reach out to targeted users and it has been proven to be a successful venture.

Some other mobile app marketing services

  • Branding

This type of marketing helps the user to distinguish different apps and tell them apart. It has a look and feels appeal that many agencies take advantage of to take their marketing skills to the next level. Not only does it generate buzz but is also an award-winning strategy for many agencies and that’s one way of making sure they do not disappoint.

  • Strategy

The strategy is a way of coming up with the best ideas on how to explore a given situation and come out with the best results. Marketing agencies look forward to executing all possibilities based on the goals, resources and business models of the company.

  • Monetization

Some marketing agencies come with ideas on how to help companies generate revenue from app users although the service is less common compared to user acquisition.

  • Analytics

This involves thorough data inspection which helps in making informed decisions and analytics support strategy for the management of each channel.

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