It’s the second Friday of the month, which means: boys’ night! You and your mates regularly meet on this day to catch up and have a lot of fun together. Every Friday, someone else is in charge to point out an original activity that can be done during the night itself. This might be hard since it can be imagined that a lot of activities have already taken place and you must be original. Luckily for you, here are some fun and original activities that you and your homies can do during a night like these!  

Make your own limoncello

Making your own alcohol might sound difficult, but nothing could be further than the truth! For making your own limoncello, there are only a few ingredients necessary per person: pure alcohol, lemons, water, and sugar. Also, it is handy when you have some wreck jars and of course, bottles to store the drink in! You can find a lot of recipes online. After making the limoncello, it should be shaken three times a week, four weeks long. After four weeks your limoncello is ready to be served and there you have your second original activity: a self-made limoncello-tasting with your mates! Whose limoncello tastes best? It’s up to you to find out! 


Culinary delights

Everyone knows the three, four, or five-course dinner where everyone makes a dish together with someone else; nothing new under the sun! But have you ever thought of a culinary contest? There are still duo’s made, and this duo still makes dishes, but not only one course: all the courses! Every duo makes every course for two persons and when it is time to have dinner, all the dishes from a certain course can be served on the table. Everyone can taste each other’s dish and decide which one is the best. In the end, the winning duo will receive a price! 

Shisha hookahs

Another nice activity that could be done during a night with your mates, is trying a waterpipe. A waterpipe is Arabic in origin, so you could also think about a party with an Arabic theme! When using a waterpipe, you can experience the best smoking experience. The water pipe, also called a shisha hookah, can be used to smoke herbs and fruit tobacco and will give a special dimension to your boy’s night! You could also decide to purchase different kinds of smoke herbs and fruit tobacco, e.g. via Headshop, and the rate which one you think was the best! 

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