Beginners of fitness clubs in most cases mean with what aim they came over and how to achieve them right. However, in the process of training, they make mistakes, which may cost feeling healthy and nice figure.

Mistake 1. To train on a regular basis

Those who want to lose weight and to power up seem that the more they train, the faster result shows itself. However, in all likelihood, a disappointment comes along a daily program, you might gain weight. It is all the fault of cortisol, a stress hormone: a body, not used to heavy stress, begins to produce it in plenty. A high level of cortisol can provoke metabolism delay, strengthening of appetite and weight gain.

The most functioning program is to train twice a week during the first month for 40–60 minutes, three times a week during the second month for an hour and a half (plus 15 minutes to the training).

Mistake 2. Back off from fats

Oftentimes, the beginning of exercises in a fitness club coincides with a start of severe diets (fats and oils free): to lose weight means to lose weight. This, in its turn, involves feeling sick, especially during training, because fats take part in filling up energy costs, informing of connective tissue, responds for hormone balance and lipid soluble vitamins uptake. Besides that, no fats in ratio lead to deformation of vessel wall elasticity (fragility), which is to be shown at once as small bruises and then causes internal hemorrhage.

In order to make a ratio dietetic, remove sweets, roasted, smoked, salted and spicy products. Therefore, food digested fast; eat 5–6 times a day little by little.

Mistake 3. Do not drink water

Fitness beginners ignore the necessity to drink water during training. However, a water-intake regime is a soak of effective training, as long as it helps to support a metabolism. Working out intensely, a body loses liquid, which is why dehydration happens and one`s feeling healthy becomes worse. As a result, expectations from regular water free exercises are not met, due to metabolic processes slow down and weight is going to be lost slowly, and muscular relief appears much later.

Take mineral still water with you and make one or two sips between sets. In addition, refuse from fitness drinks with different flavors from shops during training; you are going to feel thirsty due to sweet taste even more, which will make you feel uncomfortable.

Mistake 4. Go to the gym being hungry

Many people prefer to work out in the morning skipping breakfast (there are rumors that it is better not to eat before a workout because it will make it to where you are to gain weight). However, such an approach will reflect on an intensity of a training (a body will lack energy) and may lead to strong vertigo or pass out. Besides, heavy training on empty stomach will lead to metabolism slowdown, which is why what you ate after fitness club (even in a few hours) will replace burnt calories.

You need to eat a protein-carbohydrate dish an hour and a half before training (porridge with milk, cheese pancakes, a salad with chicken, etc.), and a bar with nuts, dried fruit and a banana half an hour before a training. An hour after training, you may have something carbohydrates such as a banana, an apple or a dried fruit bar.

Mistake 5. To breathe chaotically


At the beginning of a workout session, a newbie should comprehend many nuances (weight-lifting machines, a gradual approach, the desired load, and others.); however, many ignore one of the most important ones, which is a regular breathing.

Breathe out making an effort in all the exercises, and breathe in when relaxing. For example, take a deep breath pulling yourself up, a breath going down, doing situps, exhale when rising one`s core, inhale going back down.

Mistake 6: Ignore stretching

You can hear from a trainer or more experienced fitness goers about a necessity to stretch a bit when you are done working out. Far from everyone do the stretching believing that stretching has nothing to do with a good figure and muscles condition. However, stretching at the cost of blood supply improvement allows muscles to recover faster after power loadings and release from a sensation of pain (muscle fever) the next day.

Spend 10–15 minutes after power or cardio, lean and pull-ups left right, back and forth, to the ground, leg muscle stretching (as an attempt to do backward forward split and cross split). Perform exercises until you feel uncomfortable (not pain!), excessive stretching out of hand may cause muscle and joint breaks so you will have to move all the training to a month or two.

Mistake 7: To do sets nonstop

During all the training time, do two-three sets of each exercise so it paid off. However, to do everything non-stop (in order to save time or to sweeten the pot) is not allowed, as long as soon it is going to cause spasm of working muscles and vertigo due to overwork.

Perform a few exercises by turns, for example, situps and hand exercises. Rest for 15-30 seconds after two sets, do two more sets afterward, then have a rest again and get to the second group of exercises.

Mistake 8: To train following one program

training program

Beginning working out in the gym, a newbie defines oneself the best exercise program, in accordance to which s/he to perform exercises for months. However, it will not help much; a body gets accustomed to monotonous loads and reacts to them as a matter of course (for example, as if it was a daily «run» at work).

Change training program once in three-four weeks (increase pull weight and intensity, work up new weight-lifting machines and others.). Ask a trainer for help, s/he will compose the best program for you and tell you how to take turns.

About the author:

Melisa Marzett leads an active lifestyle. She goes in for sports from school days. She was a member of a volleyball team. She does jogging every morning for more than 10 years now, going to the gym and practicing yoga since recently. She eats healthy food even though sometimes she does feel like eating chips. In addition, she is an author of guest posts who is currently working for

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