Having roommates in college can be a lot of fun when you pick the right ones. Take a look at these tips and tricks for finding the college roommate that’s perfect for you!

Going to college is an important part of everybody’s life. There’s so much to prepare for before you make the move to your new place. One of those things just happens to be finding a roommate to share it with.

Depending on your living situation, you don’t always get to choose your roommate when you go to college. So if you are the lucky one to have that opportunity, you should definitely not waste it!

You want to start searching for someone to live with ASAP to make sure everything is ready to go on move-in day. Make the search easy on yourself with these seven secrets to finding the perfect college roommate.

1. Define Your Perfect Roommate

The first thing you need to know is what kind of roommate you want. If you just go with the first candidate, you might end up butting heads rather than getting along. That’s no way to spend an entire semester!

Make a list of the qualities you’d like to see in your roommate to help you narrow down the field to only the people you will enjoy living with.

For example, would you prefer that you and your roommate have a similar schedule so you can study and spend time together? Or do you want someone with a different schedule so you can get some alone time in the apartment?

What things are absolute deal breakers?

Maybe you don’t want to live with someone that stays up late watching TV or invites friends over to play video games every night. You probably don’t want a roommate that doesn’t pitch in with cleaning or one that borrows your stuff without asking.

Figure out all the things that make a perfect roommate in your mind, then find the person that fits those requirements the best!

2. Ask Your Friends First

Before you look anywhere else for a roommate, start with your friend group. You already know them, you already like them, and one of them might be exactly what you’re seeking.

Isn’t it the college dream to room with your best friend and have a ton of fun while you make your way through school?

And if one of your close friends doesn’t work out, they might have other friends that would be perfect.


And you know what they say:

A friend of yours is a friend of mine!

Although, make sure you talk to the person beforehand. Just because your friend likes this person doesn’t always mean you two are well suited to be roommates. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

3. Turn to Social Media

If friends don’t work out, hop online and use social media to your advantage.

Facebook is a particularly good tool for connecting with people going to the same school as you. Most colleges have a Facebook group just for students, and there’s a good chance you’ll find some posts from people who also need a roommate.

Since you’ll already be on Facebook, it’s easy enough to get a feel for anyone you’re considering as a roommate. You can see their general information on their profile and message them to talk things over before ever actually meeting them.

Just be careful about what you post publicly, even in a Facebook group that needs permission to join. You never know who could see it.

4. Use Other Online Services

In this day and age, there are websites dedicated to absolutely everything. That includes websites where you can find a college roommate that fits your definition of perfect.

Along with sites made specifically for college students, you also have your general roommate finders and advertisement sites.

Your best bet for finding a college roommate is specialty sites like RoomSurf, My College Roomie, and RoomSync. Other sites you can use include Roomiematch.com and Roommates.com, though it might be a little more difficult to find what you’re looking for.

Again, make sure to be cautious when putting personal information out on the internet. Stick to the most important facts.

These sites are a good way to meet someone whose priorities match up with your own, rather than just searching for a best friend. Having a roommate you like to hang out with is great, but it’s more important to find a roommate who is as committed to studying as you.

Roommate in College

5. Search Within Your Housing Community

Some off-campus housing communities only rent to students. That means everyone living there will go to your school (or another school in the neighborhood).

If you live in that type of community, ask around to see if anyone is looking for a roommate. You’ll not only increase your odds of finding someone, but you’ll get to know your neighbors, which is always a plus.

You can also ask the housing staff if there are any future tenants waiting for a spot that may want a roommate.

6. Put Up a Flyer on Campus

Go the old-school route and create a flyer letting people know you’re looking for a roommate. Pin it up to some bulletin boards around campus.

Make sure you’re open and honest about what you’re looking for in a roommate so you only get serious inquiries. Include the size of the apartment, the number of people living with you, and what the rent and other fees cost.

Do your best to sell the apartment as a great place to live. Describe the amenities and the things located nearby — all the stuff people want to know about before moving in.

And don’t forget to let them know a little about yourself and any other roommates you might already have!

Contact information is the most important part of a flyer, but if you don’t want to share your personal information, create an email just for this occasion. You can use it for interviewing potential roommates before giving them your name and phone or inviting them over for a tour.

7. Know Exactly What You Have to Offer

Don’t try to make yourself out to be something you’re not just to find a roommate.

Be upfront about what kind of roommate you are. Always tell potential roommates about your cleanliness habits and your schedule. If you try to hide something, your relationship with your roommate could go sour.

The best way to get and keep the perfect roommate is to be a good roommate yourself!

In Conclusion

Picking out a roommate is quite the process. You’ll be living with this person for a couple of months at least, so you want to make sure everything goes smoothly. That’s why you’ll accept no less than perfect.

Having someone to share it with makes the college experience that much more incredible.

Now that you know these secrets to find the perfect college roommate, don’t wait. The sooner you get out there looking, the better. Don’t miss out on the right one!

Client Bio:

Adam Marshall is a freelance writer specializing in all things apartment real estate, organization, and college advice. He is presently working with Grove at Waco to assist them with their online marketing.

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