Shiba Inu (SBIH) has been waiting for a long time, to receive this digital currency. However, the wait has finally ended.

What is this honor?

The coin has been waiting to find a place in Europe’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. This exchange is Bitstamp. Bitstamp has yielded, and SBIH is part of the list, now! This will enable crypto enthusiasts to bring the meme coin into play against the Euro and the U.S. dollar, without hassles. You can now easily invest in SHIB on  Bitcoin smart the best trading platform. 

Shiba Inu’s Journey to Success

Bitstamp came into being in 2011. Therefore, it has witnessed the performances of numerous cryptocurrencies, since then. Yet, it acknowledges that Shibu Inu, the dog-themed digital currency is one of the most successful stories in the cryptocurrency arena.

Bitstamp had wanted to give SBIH a place in its listing, way back in December 2021. However, some technical problems contributed to a postponement. Therefore, the cryptocurrency exchange, headquartered in Luxembourg, reassured everyone that the listing would happen, even if delayed. The exchange made good on its promise, almost six months later.

Shiba Inu is naturally elated, for Bitstamp is well-known for its conservative policies, insistence on companies displaying regulatory compliance, and careful selections of the right candidates. This is evident by the fact that the former CEO of Bitstamp, Julian Sawyer, refused to include Shiba Inu’s arch-rival, Dogecoin, in the listing. He even quit the company, making way for the new candidate, JB Graftieaux, to take over as global CEO of Bitstamp.

The Shiba Inu Community is Delighted

It is a vibrant community and consists of numerous members. They claim that SBIH might not look as good/healthy as several other cryptocurrencies. Yet, it is top in performance and popularity. Such thoughts have found their way into the community’s official blogging website. Obviously, the membership of the community is bound to grow from now onwards, and so will public awareness about the SBIH coin. The public is bound to include the art community, dog lovers, etc. Even Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum (ETH) professes a soft corner for SBIH and the SBIH army.

Changes for Shiba Inu

Bitstamp is offering users two pairs for trading – SHIB/USD and SBIH/EUR. It will permit full trading, as soon as enough liquidity becomes available.

Initially, the trade will remain at post-only and limit-only modes. However, once the order books come into the display, especially in the limit-only mode, other trading types will also be permitted. Even card purchases will be possible.

When everything is in place, users will find that their limit orders may undergo matching on the very same day they initiate them.

The only snag is that the SBIH token is still trading at a very low price. Currently, it is at $0.00001058. It indicates that the pricing has come down by 5.1% within the span of 24 hours. Nonetheless, it is bound to pick up. Therefore, investors should consider it for long-term gains.

Benefits of Linking Up with Bitstamp

Bitstamp entered the cryptocurrency world in 2011, to provide trustworthy support to blockchain networks and digital currencies, across the globe. The company acquired a legitimate license to operate in the UK, in 2013. It moved to Luxembourg, three years later.

Today, it has a large workforce, which ensures that users enjoy a smooth experience, and gain financial independence via Bitstamp’s services. This becomes possible because of the company’s motto that it should create a world of financial opportunities for everyone. Everyone must benefit from accessing decentralized finance services.

Security and privacy are also important for Bitstamp. Therefore, the company keeps all operations transparent and has wonderful security measures in place. Bitstamp ensures safe storage of digital assets, online. Then again, BitGo’s insurance policy is available for users, who want additional safety. They may even opt for additional crime insurance, to protect their online wallets.

The cryptocurrency exchange is governed by BitLicense in New York, and a payment institution license in the European Union. Similarly, the Big Four, the extremely reputed accounting firms across the globe, insist upon regular audits.

Best of all, Bitstamp is extremely accessible, via varied apps and user-friendly interfaces. Even financial institutions and Sunday traders have no cause for complaint. It is why the cryptocurrency exchange is managing to make its presence felt in 100+ countries.

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