If you are a class 6 student then you have probably decided to appear for the maths olympiad. 

Olympiad is a competitive exam that tests students’ skills and enhances the knowledge and understanding of the student. Students from across the country can participate in the Math Olympiad.

To appear for the maths olympiad exam you need to register with your school. Once you have registered you can start focusing on your preparation. 

As it is a competitive exam where students from all over the nation appear, it is important that your preparation must be full-proof so that you can score a high rank in it. 

Along with mock tests and solving papers you can also download  IMO Class 6 2015 Question Paper online for free so that you get an idea about questions asked in the exam. 

Mathematics develops reasoning, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Maths Olympiad includes a set of preparation material which includes questions on various topics like Triangles and Basics, Number System, Factors and Multiples, Integers, Data Management, and much more. 

Each topic is covered with multiple choice questions and the correct answer is provided with an explanation. 

Here we will cover a few tips which will help you in preparation for your class 6 Maths Olympiad. 

Class 6 Maths Olympiad Syllabus 

Olympiad exam follows the standards syllabus from the schools including ICSE, CBSE, and all other state boards. 

Mathematics is an interesting subject, but many students are afraid of it. IMO Grade 6 Curriculum of Mathematical Olympiads maximize the practice of subjects that are part of the school curriculum. 

The syllabus of Mathematics also includes logical questions which help the students to develop their thinking skills and improve their thinking skills. Students can take the Olympiad Mathematical Examination to increase their excellence in the subject.

Section 1: 

Logical Reasoning – 15 marks

Section 2:

Mathematical Reasoning – 20 Marks

Section 3:

Everyday Mathematics – 10 Marks

Section 4:

Achievers Section (HOTS) – 15 Marks

Tips To Prepare for Class 6 Maths Olympiad

Follow these tips if you want to succeed in your class 6 maths olympiad.

  • Understand the syllabus

Students should download the IMO Olympic Syllabus to get a good score in the exam. 

This sounds like obvious advice, but you’ll lose valuable time preparing topics that aren’t covered by the extensive Mathematical Olympiad curriculum. The questions come from integer arithmetic geometry, geometry, quadratic equations and equations, trigonometry, and coordinate geometry, to name a few.

That is why it is very important to understand the syllabus that is coming in the exam. It will save you lots of time by not going through unrequired topics.

  • Prepare like competitive exam

Maths olympiad is not s regular school exam but its level is higher than exams students give in their school. The competition in the maths olympiad is very high. Hence, students must have a deeper understanding of each concept asked in the syllabus with a higher level of theoretical and practical knowledge. 

Go through each topic and understand the concept because without having a clear concept you can understand the topic. 

  • Take help from the official website 

You don’t need to worry about knowing everything about the exam. Go through the official website of IMO and you will get all the necessary information over there. 

  • Take help from the internet

Internet is a powerful tool. Nowadays, the internet is a cheap, fast, and interactive way to learn about any subject. Also, if you have internet access, you can use the internet in a very advantageous way. 

Therefore, you can use use the internet for learning about complex topics. You can also take lots of mock tests to horn your analytical reasoning and logical reasoning. 

As the internet is faster and more economical you can easily download several materials for free. It will help you in saving your time too.

Maths Olympiad

  • Follow proper schedule 

It is very important to stick to the schedule prepared for the Mathematical Olympiad in India. Yes, you can make mistakes, but our advice is not to do it. However, readjust the schedule or close the backlog as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Solve lots of questions 

Solve lots of different types of questions to become master in it. Practice, practice, and continue practicing until you get perfect in it. All the questions and all the exercises should be practiced as much as possible so that you can easily answer any type of question asked in the final examination.

  • Take help from teachers 

Every time you practice or try an Olympiad practice exam, you will have problems with certain topics and questions. Keep another copy and write it down. Then take this notebook to your teacher and he will help you hand it over.

  • Use time effectively 

Yes, using time efficiently makes time a powerful tool. Start preparing in advance for better results. However, if that is not possible, ask your teacher about the number of hours it will take for a particular topic. Divide the time and create a schedule to thoroughly practice all the topics of the Olympiad exam.

  • Take rest 

Stress never helps you. So learn to relax, take a deep breath, take a walk, and share hot chocolate with your parents. Treat it that way as this is just another test. 

Do not take lots of stress as it will impact your concentration. As maths is a complex subject you need a calm mind to understand its complicated concept. Hence, taking rest is as important as focusing on study. 


The Math Olympiad allows students to focus on a variety of problems. Since this exam follows the usual schedule of the school board, it becomes more beneficial to improve student academic achievement. 

Learning by rote does not help in maths. To be good at maths, students need to master the fundamentals. Mathematics requires logical thinking and analytical skills.  

Preparation helps students to score well in the olympiad examination. Students must focus more on the Logical Reasoning section which they can practice from sample papers. Solving logical reasoning questions help students to get the added benefit of improving their reasoning skills.

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