Google announced the launch of a Job Search Feature last year. If you do not remember then. Google has launched a very special feature for Indians. Many young people in India are unemployed. Looking at their needs, Google has launched a feature that will help them find jobs.


Considering the needs of the Indian market and the digital user, the search engine Google is making necessary changes to its platform based on their needs. Google has added a new feature to its platform for young people looking for employment. With which the users will be able to easily search for jobs according to their needs.

The country’s youth is very upset over the rising unemployment. In spite of being shocked at many places, the youth are getting an urgent job. But now you do not need to run for a job. If you have a laptop or mobile, then Google is ready to give you a job. how? Let’s just let you know.

Google’s new feature will give the job

Google has started a new feature option for job search. With this young professionals will not have any problem in finding a job. The company has partnered with many job agencies for this. Not only jobs can be found with the help of this feature but it will also help in applying for jobs on different portals.In the fourth quarter of last year, the job search feature on Google showed an increase of 45 percent.

How to Search Job

How to Search Job

Google Search will open a new dashboard as soon as Jobs searches the keywords of near me or beam methods. Where jobs can be seen on the list. Where jobs can be applied for one click. Many options will appear in front of the job vacancies. The job will be written first.

The specialty of Google Job Search Feature is that in this you will find a job according to your location i.e. This location gives a given result.

There are many filters such as location, skill, employer and job posting date, depending on which results will be found.

Find a job using 7 filters


  • Category – Job Field Eg- engineering, HR etc.
  • Title- Post of Vacancy.
  • Date posted- When vacancies were posted.
  • Type- Fulltime, Part Time or Intern
  • Company type- Company name
  • Employer-Favorite Company Information
  • Location- Location of the office

There are several categories in which you can select from. There will be three main categories, which include jobs, saved and alerts. This feature of Google will notify everybody in the last 3 days, the last week and the number of jobs that went out in the previous month. In this case, any job notification will not be missed and apply at the right time. It will be easier for you to get local job notifications.

Information about the qualification will be known, information on what website is also there. It is necessary to suppress the service options. So you can see it later. Clicking on the application will open the website where the job has been posted.

This option has become available on Google App for Android and iOS users. It can be used both desktop and mobile. Google has partnered with many platforms including LinkedIn, Quickerjobs,, for the convenience of users.

The company is also negotiating with the State Governments for this so that Indians can get a new platform for the job. As soon as the results are available, they will be assisted according to the user. The user will find it easier to find jobs with the help of term like job profile, title, location, date posted, company type. Google will also facilitate bookmarking the preferred job option along with this. Here the user will also get information on the alert through alert email.

Other than the other traditional job portal, the Google service will provide information about the required post directly, from which it will be easy to make an applying.


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