It was a celebration, so you had a few drinks, but instead of calling in an Uber, you decided to drive home. Well! It landed you in prison. You could have hurt someone or ended up crashing the vehicle in the middle of the road.

When one drinks, he forfeits the ability to think clearly, misjudging the severity of a given situation. Therefore, whenever you drink at a gathering, make sure there is at least one person in the group who stays sober to call the shots. He must ensure the safety of others in the group to avoid an undesirable outcome. Once one is arrested with DUI charges, the consequences can be severe. Continue reading this article to learn more about DUI charges.

What Constitutes Drunk Driving:

The first thing you should learn is what exactly is Drunk Driving? Can you drive if you do not feel tipsy? Is there a test to determine how drunk a person is? Well, there is a test that can measure the alcohol level in someone’s body at any given moment. The test evaluates blood alcohol content (BAC) level to determine whether one is capable enough to get behind the wheels. If the BAC score is at 0.08 percent or more, that means one is physically impaired to drive a car.

  • The effects of drinking are directly related to the physical state of being. When you drink, you experience a lack of judgment, reduced muscle coordination, and reduced ability to detect moving objects.
  • It is vital to stay alert during driving, but the calming effect of booze will make you feel numb and dizzy. If you cannot focus on the traffic, you are bound to get into trouble.

Drunk Driving

DUI and Laws:

The federal government laid strict rules to monitor and control accidents caused by drunk driving. Studies show people under 21 are ten times more likely to make an accident under the influence of alcohol, compared to people who are over the said age. Many states have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drinking and driving. In addition to a heavy fine, it is not uncommon to arrest someone with DUI charges.

  • When they make an arrest, the defender has the right to call a friend or family for help. The first thing one should do in such an unfortunate circumstance is to opt for bail. You cannot stay inside the cell and think clearly. You need to be out of the prison cell as soon as possible and prepare for the upcoming trial.
  • In California, people charged with DUI can access 24 hours bail bonds services in San Diego CA to get easy installments on the bail money. The bondsman will help navigate the whole process and ensure a speedy release from jail.

After you get the bail and return to normalcy, hire an attorney to represent you in the courthouse. While the lawyers will take care of the legal needs, you need to hold yourself accountable for your actions. Do not let alcohol ruin your life or others. If you have a drinking problem, be sure to seek proper help.

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