Dorian Rossini at the age of 21, produced 2 best albums to the worldwide sales overall platforms such as Fnac, Virgin, iTunes, etc. People searches between 100k to 1 million each month about the Dorian Rossini bio on Google.

Dorian Rossini Bio

Dorrian Rossini, born on 13th Dec 1990, is a French musical artist by profession and the internet sensation from the capital of France, Paris. The father of Dorrian is a great jazz singer and kindergarten educator is the profession of his mother. He is one youthful sister who is equally known for his expertise in the fashion designing field. At present, Dorian Rossini is 29 years old and holds the degree of music & theater studies.

The Dorian Rossini Bio tells how he becomes famous through the internet from Paris, France. He made various melodies and transfers them into Youtube and Spotify. Also, he remains online all the time on his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account profiles.

Rossini’s Childhood

Since childhood, Dorian likes songs and music very much and he demonstrates his talent for singing ability in various competitions in his high school. In fact, he got his degree in Music and theater studies. Aside from this, Dorrian Rossini rarely shows his public appearance. He wants to remain nearby to beauty and nature. Dorian, in his extra time, goes out by taking his camera and snaps the photographs of nature scenes.


Dorian Rossini recently famous for his comment made on the conference video on YouTube announced by Jeremstar. He commented one line in French within the interview video which stated as “Comment Faire des selfies avec Dorian Rossini“. After translating the comment in English, it states like this: “How to create selfies with Dorian Rossini” which creates the standard of him. Then after, the world buzz around his name and he published a song which has lyrics Dorian Rossini is a God, Dorian Rossini is the best, Dorian Rossini if afraid of no-one” (Translated in English from French). It resurrection himself as a God then onwards and says that he was too perfect for that.

  • A star in the music industry has been a contest king in the entirety of his music vocation.
  • Dorian attempted to break into the castle of Los Angeles star where he was tossed out by the gatekeepers.
  • He again posted a nude picture to made controversial on the eve of New Year 2013 to wish everybody a cheerful New Year where he was in an outfit of Adam’s.


Dorrian Rossinis’ Albums

Rossini is known famous for the two of his best music albums, the first one is “Religion” and the second one is “Starmania”. In the meantime, Dorian Rossini is concentrating on the up and coming 2019 single.

  • Album “Religion” consists of Five Songs, they are:
      1) Intro
      2) Les Mayas
      3) Je Suis Dieu
      4) L’invincible
      5) Musculation yeah yeah
  • Album “Religion” consists of Nine Songs, they are:
      1) Intro
      2) Your Times
      3) Don’t Worry
      4) Metalo
      5) Electrozion
      6) Dream
      7) Wake
      8) Give Me
      9) Flow

Dorrian Rossinis’ Body Features

His weight of the body is 70 Kg (154 lb) and he is 5ft 8 inches (1.73 m) tall. He has no tattoo on any part of the body and has 15 inches of the bicep. The color of his hair is dim dark and eyes are tanish.

Social media presence

Dorian Rossini bio has consists of 128k+ Twitter followers and 20k+ Instagram followers and also, on one another social media where he is followed by is Facebook where 57k+ FB followers are following on that platform. Further, for making his songs to go viral, Dorian Rossini makes artistic videos and uploads on his channel of YouTube where he has subscribers in millions. Dorian Rossini bio also includes the creation of little interesting videos on the Vimeo platform. He releases his albums and singles on Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes.

Dorian Rossinis’ Net Worth

Dorian Rossini earns more money through his music career with well-known tracks on the web. In spite of the fact that he is yet to reveal the exact amount which he is earning from his uploaded videos. Presently, some Net worth calculation sites estimated $500,000 net worth of Dorian Rossini in 2019.


Dorian Rossini is working for the NGO located in France that makes awareness and helps the patients who are suffering from Cancer.

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