DIY kids room decorating is a real pleasure not only for parents but also for kids. If your babies are already interested in creating homemade stuff – they’re keen on painting and crafting – it’s very important to focus them in a careful way. Offer your siblings to decorate the interior of the kids’ room altogether – the entire room or just a part of it like the accent wall, a working table or their bunk bed. So that you not only entertain the baby with an interesting activity but also bring the atmosphere of comfort and joy into the kid’s interior. What a ‘win-win’ solution!

Handprints on the walls

Even kids could deal with the wall design in the nursery. Give him paints or stencils and make funny prints of baby’s hands on one of the walls. However, make sure that the prints are equally spread out from each other. Older kids can be invited to draw fun eyes on the handprints or turn them into funny animals. Kids psychologists suggest that painting with fingers and hands perfectly encourages the creative development of the baby, he is ready for such activities from 6-7 months old. Here you can find many fascinating ideas of hands drawing.

Origami and paper garlands

Origami is another way to teach baby patience and attentiveness and how to develop logical and spatial thinking. In addition, with the help of the paper figures, you can decorate the interior of the kid’s room more effectively! For instance, you can hang some colorful cranes under the ceiling or string paper boats on a thread and place them on the walls like garlands. Moreover, the baby will say proudly: ‘I did it!’.

Paper garlands are also classy home decor. They could be made of printed scrapbooking paper, newspapers, magazines, old postcards. You can use the garlands to highlight some areas in the kid’s room, for example, a playing spot or a wall near the working desk. By the way, such lightweight garlands don’t ‘overload’ the interior at all.

3D wall decor

Another extraordinary DIY idea for a kid’s room is 3D wall decorating. This is a three-dimensional image cut out from the colored paper. Let the baby decide what pictures on the walls he‘d like to place: his favorite animals, cartoon characters, flowers, fluffy clouds or airplanes. Use more imagination and creativity! First, you can watch some video masterclasses and workshops on how to make DIY 3D wallpapers.

Photo collages and a family tree

Home decor with photographs is a well-known design technique. You can make an excellent photo collage on the wall together with your kid – just glue some clippings from your favorite photos on a separate sheet of paper adding a sprinkle of colorful cut-outs. And how pleasant it would be to look at these touching and unforgettable moments of the kid’s life!

Another option is to create a real family tree on the wall and stick some cheerful photos on it with the baby and his parents, grandparents, sisters, and brothers. What a totally interesting and useful activity!

Furniture update

When the walls of the kids’ room are already decorated, take up the furniture decorating. Upgrade old dressers, tables, and chairs together with your kid with the help of bright colors and decoupage. In fact, it’s not that complicated! If you decorate your furnishings with the decoupage technique, let the baby choose a picturesque tissue paper, split the bottom layer and put it on a stool or a desk where he likes. So you just help him fix the surface with a transparent decoupage top coat.

If your baby paints well, invite him to color the furniture with acrylics, teach him how to mix colors and use stencils. Vivid and positive atmosphere created by your own hands will encourage your kid to new achievements in creativity and life overall.

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