Choosing child care for your baby is an already stressful decision. Going back to work and leaving your baby in the care of someone else is daunting, but sometimes it’s necessary. Now, deciding which option is best is when it becomes challenging, especially when it’s your firstborn. To help make the decision easier, we’ve prepared a list of the pros and cons of daycares and babysitters.

Daycare Pros

One of the most popular options to choose from is a daycare because they are licensed and, because they are a business, you can almost always find reviews about them to help sway your decision. Daycare Spots is a great way to view the available daycares in your area, read reviews, and schedule tours to view each option.

One of the pros of choosing a daycare is that a lot of them are run similar to schools. Along with much-needed socialization between the children, they are also given playtime and they are taught the basics that are great for child development. Daycares are also reliable, so if a staff member gets sick, they have plenty of other staff to take over.

Daycare Cons

Of course with every decision, there’s a list of cons that comes with it. One of the biggest things to think about is that, by choosing a daycare, you are also allowing your child to be exposed to the illnesses that are often spread in the care facilities. Another thing to think about is the availability of room for your child, especially if the daycare you want is a popular option in your area.


Babysitter Pros

One of the biggest pros of hiring a babysitter or nanny is that they are very flexible. If you are going to be running late, most nannies won’t care, but daycares will most likely charge you a fee. If you decide to take the day off to spend with your baby, you just don’t pay them for that day, unlike daycares that have a fixed rate no matter if you take a day off.

If you choose to hire a nanny, one of the perks is the relationship that you and your child build with this person. If they’re a good fit, they could be caring for your baby up until they start school, and even during the summers after that.

Having a babysitter also prevents the likelihood of your child getting sick because they aren’t around other children. In addition to there not being other children, your child gets a lot of attention and more opportunity for growth in development.

Babysitter Cons

A drawback of hiring a babysitter rather than going with the daycare route is that sometimes the cost of a babysitter can be a bit high, especially if you are hiring from a nanny service. There is also the fact that nannies don’t need to be certified in anything, so take that into consideration when weighing out your options.

In addition, if your babysitter gets sick, you have to worry about who will watch your child for that day, or the next few days while your sitter recovers.

Your Decision

Choosing between these options can be difficult, but going through each one thoroughly will help narrow down your decision. Consider making a list of the pros and cons, going over the options with your family, and welcoming their advice about your situation before making your final decision. Remember that your decision isn’t set in stone and you can always go back to one of the options should you not feel comfortable with the one you initially chose.

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