If you own a home or business, consider adding bronze statues to your landscaping, city center, or living space. You can honor a loved one or commemorate an important figure. Or you can get a plaque to adorn the entry to a new building.

Curious to find out more? Read on to learn about the uses of custom bronze statues!

Honor Someone’s Memory with a Bronze Plaque

Plaques are the perfect way to honor the namesake of a building or a special person in the community. Whether you’re honoring a retired college football coach or generous donor, you’ll offer a classy remembrance with a plaque. You can include details like a date, quote, or image to personalize the plaque.

Try a bas-relief style for your plaque as one eye-catching option. With bas-relief, the text or image will stand out from the plaque. For a more inexpensive option, try an etched plaque or flat plaque.

Custom Bronze Statues Can Accommodate Any Space

When it comes to choosing a bronze statue, you can go with modest statues that would fit on a desk — to lifesize statues that command a plaza. This means that the bronze statue cost is flexible and can accommodate your budget, too.

If you’re looking to fill a grassy area at a public library, for instance, you could choose a small grouping of children reading. These bronze statues could be lifesize and scattered in a specific area. Choose a few statues of kids in different reading positions to keep the space inviting.

Custom Bronze Statues

Bronze Animal Statues Encourage Interaction

With large bronze statues, you provide the perfect chance for interaction — and a great photo op. When kids wander through a shopping district, they’ll love to check out any animal statues in their path. If you’re revitalizing a park or playground, you’d be wise to budget for bronze statues.

A prancing horse, playful cat, or confident elk will look striking in a city center. Or playful rabbits and toads can add a humorous element when perched on a park bench. Consider the heritage of your geographic region as you determine which animal would pack the most meaning.

Choose from Countless Styles for Bronze Statues

Best of all, you’re not limited to one particular format or type with custom bronze statues. From plaques to figurative statues, the options are endless. Add a large bald eagle to your property to honor veterans, or choose a simple tabletop nature scene to add a decorative flourish to your office.

You can choose different patinas, too. Some bronze sculptors prefer to stick with traditional earthy patina tones while others may let you choose custom options.

Add Bronze Statues to Your Property

Custom bronze statues can enhance your property, add a sense of dignity, and attract attention. You can honor fallen loved ones or choose a more whimsical approach to the content of your statues. You just need the vision to suit your space!

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