More and more people are now shifting to contacts for their vision correction needs and the significant benefits it offers. By doing the shift, you can say goodbye to those bulky glasses,  enjoy sports, wear cool sunglasses, use eye makeup, and have unlimited eye effect options.

Wearing them for the first time is exciting but, the same with any new experience, it might be a little scary too. We got you covered, so check this helpful information and enjoy a lifetime of success with your new contact lenses, such as these multifocal contact lenses.

Let Your Eyes Adjust

Of course, there would be an adjustment period. It may take ten to twelve days for your eyes to adapt to the change. It’s a great thing you were not around in 1887 when the first contact lenses came out. They were made of glass! Owie! Silicone models, nowadays, are soft and painless and are easier to manage.

It is normal to feel the sides of your contacts for the first few instances that you wear them. Day by day, your eyes will soon become used to the feeling. Soon enough, you’ll even forget that they are in place.

Putting Them In Needs Ample Practice

It can be a weird concept, especially for first-timers, to put something into your eye. While it may look complicated, it becomes second nature when you’ve practiced enough wearing and removing them. Check out these simple guidelines on the best way to wear your contacts lenses:

1. Clean your hands thoroughly and dry them using a fresh, lint-free towel. This way, you can avoid transferring any tiny particles such as dirt or dust to the contacts.

2. Gently remove the contact from its case using your index finger. Handle it with caution as the lenses can tear easily.

3. See to it that the contact is not inside-out. An excellent way to know if it’s inside-out is when the edges are splaying outwards. Flip the lens into the proper position should you notice this.

4. Lubricate the contact using a drop of fresh solution. Never re-use old ones!

5. Hold open your eye using the thumb and index finger of your opposite hand.

6. Stare straight away and put the contact slowly and kindly

7. Once the contact rest against your eye, blink a few times to ensure that it already fits on your eye.

8. Do the previous instructions for the other eye.

Don’t be frustrated if you already took several attempts, yet still unable to put them on. It is normal to take a few trials. If it feels stressful, take a break and relax. Then, you may try again. Remember the cliche that practice makes perfect!

Contact Lens

Use Your Contacts As Advised

Wear your contact lenses as recommended by your doctor. Remember that some contacts are made to be used for a day, and then disposed of. You can use others for several days or months with proper cleaning on a daily basis.

See to it that you choose specific contacts taking into consideration what is best, convenient, and healthiest for your eyes. Never wear your contact lenses past the advised time frame, or beyond the expiry date or else, you can suffer from different side effects. Also, unless your optometrist prescribed you continuous wear lenses, you should never sleep in your contacts.

Possible Side Effects of Improper Usage of Contact Lenses

Red eyes:

Prolonged use can lessen oxygen flowing to your eyes, leaving your eyes red and irritated.

Corneal Abrasions:

These are superficial scratches on the clear and protective window of your eye and may arise from contacts worn too long.

Corneal ulcers:

These are sores on your corneas, which may happen when the scratches get infected with bacteria. If not treated immediately, this can progress to more complicated situations requiring corneal transplants to save your vision.

Keep in mind to let your eyes have a break from wearing contacts each day and always follow the instructions that your doctor recommended.

Prices May Differ

Contact lenses should come at a hefty price. The primary consideration for the cost of your contact is the prescription. If ever you have eye conditions that are a bit unusual or eye grade is more progressed, they can be a little more expensive.

Contact lenses prices may also differ depending on the material, brand, and other additional features. There are contact lenses available, not necessarily for correction of vision, but to give you stunning eye effects. Today, there is an array of colored contact lenses you could choose from to get an attractive and sparkling appearance. They are perfect for any cosplay event, Halloween, and other special occasions where you need to level up your look.

Other Few Tips To Keep In Mind

Here are some quick tips to get the most out of your contact lenses.

Have Some Back-ups

It is best to have a spare pair of contacts aside from the usual necessities like your lens solution and carrying case. If ever you experience any troubles with your contact lenses, you can quickly fix them.

If You Feel Something Isn’t Right, Don’t Ignore It

Never disregard any irritating feeling when you wear your contact lenses. If they burn, sting, hurt, it implies that there is something wrong.

Take out the contact lenses right away and check them. Inspect if there are any rips or tears, or if they are inside-out. See to it that there is no dust or any small particles. If you are sure that there is no damage,  use lens solution, clean your contacts and re-insert them.

Should you still have uncomfortable feelings, take them out and see your optometrist right away?

Be Proactive and Ask Questions

Your eye health is vital. If you have any apprehensions about your contact lenses, go ahead and never be afraid to ask. You can always reach out to your lens provider or doctor to help eliminate those uncertainties.

If possible, have appointments with your optometrist during the first few weeks of wearing contacts. That way, you can be sure that whatever you are doing is falling right and you are not causing any damage to your eyes. Stick to your appointments and any follow-up schedule with your doctor.

Learning how to do anything new always takes time. There would be an adjustment stage, but once you have surpassed that period, contact lenses will become a valued part of your life.

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