YouTube is one of the world’s largest online video-sharing platforms and has a user base of more than 2 million users per month. And is considered a medium to provide vast knowledge. You can access any kind of information on YouTube when you search for it. With more than fifteen years of public content, this platform has too much competition for views. Influencers, big brands, YouTube stars—everyone is behind in likes and watch times.

Most users and companies are highly interested in increasing their YouTube video likes and understanding their videos’ reach. Here, we will be dealing with some of the most frequently asked questions about YouTube likes and views.

How can YouTubers see who liked their YouTube video?

YouTubers cannot see a list of everyone who has liked their YouTube videos. However, they do have access to certain information that can give them insights into the audience engagement. Whenever someone likes a video, YouTubers can see the total number of likes their videos have received, as well as the number of dislikes. They also have the ability to determine the general location of where these likes and dislikes are coming from.

If a YouTuber has notifications turned on, they will receive a notification each time someone likes their video. This helps them stay informed and engaged with the responses to their content. However, the notifications do not reveal the actual identities or names of the individuals who liked their videos.

Privacy concerns and other factors prevent YouTube from providing a comprehensive list of everyone who liked a video. Therefore, while YouTubers can gather some useful information about their audience’s response to their videos, there are certain limitations to the level of detail they can access.

However, they have access to the analytics. This means YouTubers can view the demographic of the users who have liked the video. They won’t be able to know which particular person liked or disliked the video, but they can find out which geographic region has discovered it.

Can A YouTuber See Who Viewed Their Video?

The case of YouTube views is the same as the likes. To protect the safety and privacy of its users, YouTube hides information about the viewers. YouTubers can not see who viewed their video, and there is no particular panel or dashboard that shows the list of viewers. They can only see how many views the video has, the age group percentages of those views, gender, and geographical location where the video has reached. So, the answer to this question is also a big No. 

However, there are some ways to infer some viewers, like if anyone has commented on the YouTube video, then that person must have indeed watched the video, not including the spammers.

Are YouTube Likes Anonymous?

To protect the security and privacy of its users, YouTube Prohibits the sharing of dislike and like information. You can select whether you want the dislike or like you give on videos to be public. However, even if you select to keep all the liked videos private, then the owner of the channel will still be able to see your geographical location. They won’t be able to find out which exact person has liked their video, but they have access to get information about the area or the origin.
So, yes, to an extent, the likes on a YouTube video are anonymous and they don’t provide exact details of the viewer or the person who has liked the video.


YouTubers are always asked these questions: whether or not they can view the details of the person who has liked or viewed their video and simple and short answer to this question is No. None of the YouTubers can access any information about the person who viewed the video. However, they can still learn about their location and gender.

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