With the arrival of autumn comes the dawn of one of the most beautiful periods of the year. Nature itself is full of beautiful colors that beautify the streets and our yards. Observing the change of various shades of leaves to yellowish is one of the most beautiful sights that nature provides.

But is cleaning them just as lovely? Certainly not. This job can be very demanding and tedious. And just when you pick the leaves tomorrow, the wind is determined to blow again and bring another bunch of leaves.

This is especially irritating when you do it with inadequate equipment. On the other hand, leaving the leaves to be collected only makes extra garbage, which will be even more difficult to clean later.

Of course, maintaining our backyards is sometimes tricky, but that does not always have to be the case. The most essential thing in any cleaning is to find and choose the most efficient way to do it. There are some tips and tricks on how to make this easier during these seasons.

Leaf vacuum mulcher is the most used tool for cleaning up the leaves. This is because they have shown to be really practical. With them, you can have half the time cleaning your backyard. They will use it as a vacuum and will suck up the leaves.

But the best part is that they will chop the leaves into tiny pieces, so they don’t take up much space in the bag. With this, you won’t have to go back and forth a dozen times to empty the bag. Plus, you can use the mulched pieces to enrich the soil in your yard. If you are interested in reading more about this topic, follow the link: https://www.familyhandyman.com/list/15-super-useful-tools-dealing-leaves/.

Clean the leaves to keep your grass green 

Homeowners who have grass in their backyard know how much effort needs to be put into keeping the yard tidy and neat all the time. Green grass gives the whole house an overall good and fresh look. But if the grass doesn’t get enough sunlight it will just die altogether.

Light is a crucial part of the growth of grass, and in the fall, it can be blocked by the pile of dead leaves. They can get in the way of the sustainable environment the grass needs. So if you want your grass to keep blooming, you should remove the decaying leaves.

You may be thinking that winter is coming, and there is no need for you to stress about the grass’s growth, but this is where you’re wrong. During this season, the grass is actually getting the force to be green the next summer.

Cleaning the yellow leaves above the grass is essential if you want a green and fresh look in the summer. It is also a lot harder to clean the mess in the winter when everything starts to freeze.

And even if you clean it up in the winter, there will be no sufficient light that the grass needs for its recovery. Bare spots are the one thing you want to avoid if you want to be proud of your yard next year!

grass green

Mulching before raking 

There are a lot of ways to reuse the waste we are creating in our homes. And gathering the decaying leaves is one of them. It is incredibly popular in the last couple of years to mulch the leaves instead of raking them.

Mulching can help you to give proper nutrients to your soil. It is a great way to feed the lawn without needing to buy artificial and expensive supplements. Mulching is one of the functions of a leaf mulcher.

As mentioned above, this machine gathers the leaves from various places then chops them into small pieces. With mulched leaves, you are producing a natural fertilizer for your soil. A lot of studies proved that this fertilizer is composed of organic matter that creates positive effects on the soil itself.

If you decide to buy a leaf vacuum mulcher, you will see that there is an enormous number of options that you can choose from. There are blowers that contain bags that are the same size as 16 conventional bags. You can even choose a blower with variable speed settings, which will allow you to be gentle in tight areas.

All in all, they are designed to be easy to use and carry around the yard. You can easily clean the backyard without spending too much time. So, what are the advantages of using a leaf vacuum mulcher?


Save effort and time 

This is one of the most important pros of this device. You will spend half the time of disposing and collecting the leaves if you use this machine. With just one press on the button, you can switch the mode from vacuuming to mulching. They usually have biodegradable bags that will help in the decomposing process of the leaves.

Easy to maintain and clean 

You will not only save time when collecting the leaves but also, you will save time cleaning the machine. You won’t end up with dozens of bags filled with leaves. These blowers come with a large bag that will ease the process even more!

They are portable and lightweight. The technology has improved so much that these blowers are capable of vacuuming even pine needles or twigs. It is needless to say how practical this can be when you are tidying up commercial space.

With the ability to switch the speed, you can finish a lot sooner and focus on something else instead. Saving yourself some time will be of great importance both for you and your family.

Take your time and search for the right blower for you. Consider the price and see what a certain machine’s options are. It is essential for you to ask for a quality machine to not end up with a device that will break down in a short time. Surely, you’ll make the right decision.

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