Is your kitchen lacking modern appliances? Do you find your kitchen boring? Well, scan out and check if the modern kitchen trends are there, and if not, we have brought you the list of such essentials that can help you greatly in cooking and can give a modern look to your home.

What now? The high rated price of the stylish kitchenware? Yes, that’s the thing, but not really when you have exciting cashback and deeply discounted deals with other offers provided by stores such as Tata Cliq. Well, on that front we should inform you that up to 70% discount is offered on kitchen appliances and free delivery for the product above Rs.999 on these super amazing stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and more.

Kitchen Essentials That You Should Have

Kitchen Electric Fryer

Kitchen Electric Fryer

A revolutionary product is what you may call it, and the women with the high demand for quick snacks from their kids must be the ones who are praiseworthy for this gadget. Many companies are in the run, and we can suggest you for the electronic fryer from Phillips, or you may go with some of your personal preferences. Before that, check that the material fiber is thick enough; also, some fryers differ in the advanced features and ease in use. So, pick one after having a detailed check.

Talking of where you may get this, then Amazon and Flipkart are the ones that particularly focus on electronics more and offer deals daily on the category.


A great handy gadget to save you from not missing out on your breakfast with its multi-featured technique of a toaster and boiler where you can boil eggs while toasting your bread, the famous thing that we all have in breakfast mainly when we do not have time. Well, I guess nothing can be better than this when our work is happening in a snap. Yes, that is what the real machine is.

You may have put the Toaster-Boiler in your wishlist, but maybe you would like to change the plan when Amazon offers a 40% discount on kitchen appliances.

Turquoise Kitchen Utensils

Turquoise Kitchen Utensils

This is what the new trend is, and you must be well aware of it. Well, if you are oblivious, then wake up, the kitchenware is updated in the list. These are a more decorative addition to your kitchen or dining table, but they are also being used to put spoons, knives, and other small accessories.

IKEA may have the stock for them, and if not, then Tata Cliq does have the stock for these accessories. You may be excited to add up these accessories to get your kitchen a new theme.

Printed Pots

Don’t you think the pots that you are using to store food are quite old-fashioned? The trends have brought some vibrant addition to the market, and by opting for them, you can make your kitchen look good. The pots hold the embellishment with the vintage style swirl print while the craft remains effective with all those traditionally used methods.

If you want to add more to the touch, the pots also come in set with plates, spoons, and bowls. Try ‘Pots and Pans’ for that matter, or if you want some traditional player, check out the interesting collection at IKEA.


Ever imagined a healthy glass of juice without that mixer sound but still with ease? This all with aestheticism in the kitchenware is possible with a squeezer, and you know what the availability could be scarce, but you may find it online, or maybe a special demand from your retailer may work well.

Oak Chopping Board

This may be the right time to change all those plastic chopping boards to the oak ones. Not only that, this looks better in the kitchen, but this may be beneficial for your health too. How? Well, it’s natural oiled oak that assists the manufacturing of these boards. From all those choices, you can pick one with the rounded edges for your hands’ safety, and it will give a good look when it is used to serve something.

You may want to thank IKEA now that it finally reached India though not in all cities, but those who have the choice can visit the store and can pick an oak chopping board, and as of size may concern, something around 40 centimeters may work well.

You do know that a kitchen is a place in the home that tells a lot about you. Now that it’s time and the evergreen deals are not going anywhere, you should have an update in your kitchen so that appliances over there can serve you in better terms, and also there will be a change in the statement about your home. For convenience, you may pick up your phone and order the kitchenware for delivery on your doorsteps.

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