At some point in our lives, we all had the intense desire to take care of something, wanting to nourish it and watch it grow. Even though this feeling is stereotyped to be felt towards another person there are times that it unexpectedly lands on pets. Well, if we’re being honest, I think the latter is so much better. Unlike humans, dogs and cats have a sense of loyalty when they’re being treated fairly.

That’s why as pet owners we should protect and keep them healthy to the best of our ability. A way to do that is by starting to give them CBD oils to enhance their health. Below are the amazing benefits this product has.

Benefits Of CBD Oil

1. Combats Cancer

Cancer and tumor are not new diseases in the world of canines and felines. They’re actually common, especially among senile pets. But of course, there are various factors that can cause cancer which can be found on this page. Just like humans, there hasn’t been any breakthrough with the cure yet. But recently Cannabidiol (CBD) has been said to help slow its growth.

A lot of research has been going into how they can help with the development of cancer cells. It’s said that it reduces the speed rate in which the affected cells spread. It also impedes the rampant growth of glioma cells that’s the cause of tumors.

2. Promotes Positive Feelings

Cannabidiol isn’t only limited to alleviating physical complications but it also helps in terms of mental health. Just like us humans, dogs and cats also live through stress and anxiety. Mental disorders among pets can stem from traumatic experiences in the past such as physical abuse and abandonment. Loud sounds, separation from the owner, and meeting new people could provoke anxiety to come to light. While nonstop barking, tremors, and hostility are manifestations of anxiety.

Not only is it excruciating to the mind, but anxiety can also trigger other unwanted behaviors in canines and felines. CBD has shown to be effective in reinforcing happy feelings and keeping pets calm and relaxed. Although there hasn’t been any official study on why it’s said to have neuroprotective and antioxidant properties.

3. Helps in Controlling Seizures

CBD oils actually gained their popularity through helping manage spasms, tics, and seizures. A seizure is an unexpected, immoderate disturbance in the brain’s synaptic activity. In cases where seizures are happening cyclical, it’s now considered as epilepsy. By stimulating the production of GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) it functions as an anticonvulsant and helps in relaxing the nerves.

This neurological disorder is dangerous because of its spontaneous nature. You can never predict when it will happen or whether it will repeat. Whether in their sleep, while on a walk, or when their eating it can attack anytime.

The plethora of benefits Cannabidiol has makes up for the lack of research that’s backing it up. Click on this link to get more info. Don’t get me wrong; more studies regarding this substance are still important of course. But even though the resources are limited, it shouldn’t be a hindrance to reaping the benefits of Cannabidiol.

The only thing is, you should be careful when buying the actual product. Here are two tips to help you have a better experience in shopping for CBD oil.

Things To Consider Before Making A Purchase

CBD Oils For Dogs

1. Natural

The initial tip is to purchase Cannabidiol in the purest form possible. Be wary of brands that include multiple yet unnecessary ingredients in their production. The key is to shop for chemical-free products that are derived from organically cultivated hemp plants like this website ( offers. Another thing to watch out for is the THC level.

THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is the one responsible for the psychoactive feature that causes the euphoric feeling or what they call “high”. Some Cannabidiol products have a higher potency than others. Look for the ones lowest from the maximum level of 0.3% THC.

2. Price

Obviously, quality grade Cannabidiol would cost more than your average low potent brand. Avoid price shopping when you’re looking for the best in the market. CBD oils that are charged at a lower figure could be fused with toxic substances.

After all, if a company can afford pricing it dirt cheap it would mean their cost of production is also cheap. Their method of processing and the ingredients used might be below standard. To get the best out of your money and make your pet happy at the same time, refrain from using mediocre products.

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