While taller fences are enough to deter intruders in some areas, there are situations and locations where additional security measures are not only essential but also an express requirement. For metal fences, for example, fence toppings provide an additional deterrent factor for possible intruders in high-security areas. Fence toppings act as warning signs to persons who want to scale security fencing.

But while fence toppings fortify your security fence, do you need them? What factors should you consider before making a decision? Find the factors right here.

Consider first the efficacy and viability of other security measures

Fence toppings can indeed minimize intrusion attempts. However, they are not always necessary for sites and premises if you already have other deterrents. Making your CCTV cameras more visible or installing loud alarm systems can prevent intruders from attempting to scale your security fence.

You can consider fence toppings if your commercial property stores items of high value or if your commercial business has a high-security profile. Another factor that can sway you towards installing fence toppings is the non-viability of installing other intruder deterrents. You can consult with Fencing Contractors Leicester if your security fencing needs additional fence toppings. Likewise, you can learn more about toppings for perimeter fences by visiting this website to see the type of security fence toppings and other solutions they offer.

History of intrusion

Installing fence toppings is an additional investment you may or may not need. For example, if you have a history of intrusion or illegal entry despite the height and stability of your existing security fence, then adding fence toppings is viable. However, if there are several instances of intruders climbing over your perimeter fence, you should consult an experienced fence contractor to know which solution will be most effective.

Height and scaling difficulty of security fences

The height of your perimeter fence can help determine if you require fence toppings. If your fence is already very tall and difficult to climb, you do not need to install fence toppings. This additional feature will benefit perimeter or security fences of average height. 

Value of the items within your commercial property

Investing in various security features, including fence toppings, is vital if your property stores high-value items, such as vehicles, tools and equipment, chemicals, and expensive items and products.  


Although some fence toppings act as deterrents for intruders, they can also provide aesthetic value to your perimeter fence. Several types and designs of fence toppings are available, and they can prevent unauthorized entries. Further, they can impress visitors to your property by letting them know you are ensuring their safety.

If you are determined to install fence toppings, ensure that you also provide warning signs stating the risks these toppings present. According to regulations, you should place warning signs eight to ten meters apart along your security fence. The warning signs will limit your liability in case of injury when someone attempts to intrude on your property. Likewise, you should know the rules included in the Occupier’s Liability Act 1957 and the Occupier’s Liability Act 1984.

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