When you are up for promoting your products for sale, the most important role is being played by the photographs. It is most important for promoting the products like jewelry, clothes, shoes, and watches. Watch photography is something you need to do very skillfully as you need to show the details of a watch in the photographs. Not every photographer knows how to take extravagant photos of watches. So here we present you some great watch photography tips to do watch photography flawlessly.

Prepare your Watch

Watches are generally kind of delicate and sensitive. Different kinds of metals or stones can be included in a watch you are clicking the photos of. The metals and stones make the watches look glossy and shiny. So the first thing you need to do is prepare your watch/watches for the shoot. The watch should look clean in the photos. Clean the watches with soft cloths or cotton. If there are scratches or any kind of spot, remove them with those cotton or soft clothes. Remember, a watch full of spots and scratches will not at all please the viewers.

Use Professional Camera and Lenses

The most important elements for good photography are undoubtedly the camera and lenses. When you are up for a photo shoot for business, then you should definitely go for professional cameras and lenses. As I said in the previous point that the watches are glossy and shiny, and they should look like that in the photos as well. If you are not using a professional camera and lenses, it will not be possible to make the watches look like that. You can use the cameras and lenses of Canon and Nikon which are doing great in the market.

Use a Tripod

A shaky photo is definitely very unpleasant. You cannot just take the risk of getting your watch photos coming shaky. There is a great piece of equipment to avoid shakiness which is a tripod. A tripod is essential for watch photography. It helps the photographer remain in one position while they wait until the perfect moment and then they can shift the camera to any angle they want! This will not make you run with the camera from here to there to get the right angle. Instead, you will be able to hold the camera still and take photos from different angles and the time will also be saved as well.

Shoot in Natural Lights

One of the main factors in any kind of photography is lighting. If you’re taking pictures at home without any equipment, you rely heavily on natural lighting. We know that there’s no such thing as perfect lighting so it’s important to take advantage of all the natural light that is available to you, whether sunlight or a larger window. Use windows or sunroof ceilings at your house or studio to get the natural light for shooting your watches. If you do not get the natural lights inside your house or studio then just go out and watch photography.

Shoot at a simple Background

Background can be responsible for your photos to make or break. Watches are usually gorgeous as these are the parts of jewelry. While shooting for watches, you have to go with simple backgrounds. If the background is gorgeous, there is a high possibility that it will overshadow the main hero who is watched. To make your watches look like heroes, use simple backgrounds. You can use solid color boards, curtains, or roll papers as backgrounds for shooting watch photography.

Shoot from above

Shooting from below allows you to capture the subject from a lower perspective. However, this technique requires you to shoot from a higher angle than normal. As a result, the background may look too dark. To fix this problem, you can use a flash to brighten up the background.

Avoid backlighting

Backlight is caused by the sun being behind the subject. The backlight makes the subject look washed out and dull. To prevent this, move away from the sun and position yourself where the sun isn’t casting any shadows.

Don’t forget to focus

Focusing is the act of adjusting the lens until the image appears sharp. Focusing is usually done manually, but some cameras allow you to adjust the focus automatically. Make sure that you always check the focus before shooting.

Photo Editing

Photography of watch products is not easy. You may find a lot of faults in watching photography. The tripod for watch photography will help you be able to set up your camera in one position and then you can easily shift it to any angle. For example, you can use clipping path service for removing or changing unwanted background, removing reflections, spots and blemishes by photo retouching, adding natural shadow by drop shadow, adjusting color with color correction etc. If you do not know how to edit watch photos, you can just outsource ecommerce product photo editing service to make your watch photos flawless.


So these are a few watch photography ideas out of many to try at home. Trying these techniques, you might get close to professional photography. These ideas actually turned out to be effective for many watch photographers. So try these out to boost your watch business online.

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