To go on outdoor pursuits is to appreciate nature and enjoy what it has to offer. Nature has a way of connecting us to our deepest selves.

It has some sort of spiritual healing that helps us recoup the lost energy and refresh our mind.

No doubt that contemporary life is on the fast lane and everyone is trying to be the best in their field. Mostly, there’s nothing wrong with that but focusing too much on achieving goals can hurt our health. A little break, now and then to experience nature always does the trick to distress and prepare us for the next challenge.

The following are some of the best outdoor pursuits that you can always engage in and have some of the best moments in life.

1. Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is one of the best ways to enjoy nature and put in some exercises while you are at it. Places like the Canyonlands National Park and Arches National Park with red rocks and scenic beauty make the perfect biking trails. Here, you’ll also get a chance to gaze at the hundreds of miles of canyons.

2. Skiing


Skiers know that summertime is not the only time that you can have fun outdoors. There are numerous places around the world that you can enjoy skiing. For example, Niseko, Japan is quite popular with skiers.

Mount Annupur has two resorts that offer excellent skiing and snowboarding adventures for visitors. And to enhance the adventure, hot springs are visible on the horizon, and they make a great sight. Just don’t forget to take your skiing and snowboarding gears.

3. Canoeing and Kayaking

Canoeing and Kayaking

Canoeing and kayaking in places such as Ely, Minnesota always add some good dose of fun into the activity. The millions of acres of wild terrain, numerous rivers, and lakes make the place feel as natural as possible. It is miles of nature that have a characteristic quiet feeling.

If you love fishing, you can get a license to catch walleye and bass. There’s nothing as refreshing like spending some time in the middle of nature and enjoying the food that it provides in the form of fish.

4. Hiking


Hiking is the simplest and the most accommodating outdoor adventure that the whole family can enjoy. You can choose friendly sites for the children and which will not be challenging on their small legs. For example, Deer Valley Resort has some of the best trails for the whole family and they’re so much to see and experience.

5. Ziplining

Ziplining is for the people that are not afraid of heights. However, you can always try and see whether you like it. There’s always a first time in everything.

And if you have kids around, such places as Park City Mountain Resort boast kid-friendly zip-lining adventures.

6. Utah Olympic Park

Utah Olympic Park

Bobsledding and ski jumping other places like the Utah Olympic Park always produce an exhilarating experience and fun. The ski jumping landing ramps, as well as the love tubing, is the ideal adventure for thrillseekers.

7. Ice skating

Ice Skating

Well, most of the modern ice skating is indoors. However, there are various places that you can enjoy outdoor ice skating. You can get rental skates and enjoy skating with others.

Your kids may also get to meet new friends, and add to the fun and adventure.

8. Riding the Coaster or alpine slide

Riding the Coaster or alpine slide 1

For those that may find zip lining as scary and uninteresting, there’s always the idea of riding the coaster or alpine slide. Your kids will love the adventure and you might as well. The alpine slides do not have an age limit.

9. Camping


There are numerous camping sites in the United States. The benefit of camping includes watching the sunset and enjoying the silent nights. Outside the United States, places like the Manali in India are ideal for campers.

The place is at the foothills of Himalayas and is ideal for hiking and day trips. However, it may not be kid-friendly. To learn more in details, Visit

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