Planning a wedding is an extremely exciting time, however, it can be very expensive. From guest lists to location, and decorations, there are plenty of choices to be made for your special day. With so many things to consider, what you don’t have to do, is go over your budget. Without sacrificing your gorgeous ceremony, here are eight ideas for creating a beautiful, yet frugal wedding.

1. DIY Invitations

A seemingly small, yet very important aspect of every wedding is the invitations. There are several options for making your own beautiful wedding invitations, which will all allow you to create something unique for your special day. You can use your own computer and printer, purchase an inexpensive invitation kit, or even find wedding invitation templates from sites such as GreetingsIsland or Shutterfly.

2. Low-Cost or Free Location

Wedding venues can often be the biggest cost when planning a wedding. Luckily, there are many options for low-cost or free locations that will still provide a beautiful setting for your ceremony. Although you’ll want to have a fallback in case of undesirable weather, outdoor weddings are both gorgeous and low-cost or even free. Consider asking a relative with a beautiful plot of land to host, or hold the ceremony in a park. Another low-cost option would be to hold your wedding at a restaurant, which will save on seating and potentially catering expenses.

Beautiful Wedding

3. Inexpensive Decorations

Flowers are often the primary decoration for weddings and they can be very costly. If you want to have real flowers for your ceremony, choose a type that is in-season. Fake flowers are another affordable option that will be just as beautiful as real ones. There are also an endless amount of DIY wedding decorations that you can make without breaking the bank such as mason jar centerpieces, a wooden wedding arbor, or paper lanterns. You can even create your own personalised wedding signs that will be a keepsake forever.

4. Skip the Photographer

Having a photographer at a wedding is practically essential although not always affordable. Instead of hiring a professional photographer, provide your guests with disposable cameras and let them take as many pictures of your day as they would like. Or simply ask your guests to use their smartphones to take pictures throughout the day. If you have an aspiring photographer on your guest list, they could be a great option for free or low-cost wedding photos. Whichever option you choose, you’re bound to get plenty of beautiful pictures.

Beautiful Wedding

5. Music

Having music at your wedding may seem like a no-brainer, however, it doesn’t have to be provided by an expensive band. Instead, create a playlist and use your own stereo system. Another option could be to hire a local music student to perform at your wedding or ask one of your guests to DJ.

6. Cut Down Food Cost

While it may be traditional to provide a full-course meal with a menu, this is not the most budget-friendly option. Having a buffet-style meal is less expensive than a plated dinner. You can also do the catering yourself. You may want to ask for some help from your family or friends if you opt to do the catering, but it will cut down costs exponentially. It is also helpful to limit the variety of alcoholic beverages that will be available, or eliminate the cost completely and skip the adult beverages.

7. Save on Attire

Tuxedos and wedding dresses are likely to come with a large price tag. Consider renting a tux, and searching for a second-hand dress or a dress that isn’t labeled as a wedding dress. Brides can do their own hair and make-up while groomsmen and bridesmaids can provide their own attire.

8. Stick to Your Budget

It can be easy to get swept up in all the possibilities for your wedding day, but you can still make it beautiful without going over budget. Decide on what you definitely want to have and focus on cutting costs elsewhere. For example, if you can’t limit your guest list, you can instead limit your reception guests. You can also exclude small details such as menus, name cards, or confetti to save on costs.

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