Switching to vegan seems to be the new trend in the fitness & health industry. Now, if you are wondering what vegan is then you’ve been living in a cave. But I will still elaborate. It’s the change in lifestyle through diet. You will be substituting your meaty feasts with leafy meals. If it seems scary to you, then fret not, it is not as bad as it may seem. You have all the reasons to go vegan for, and I will be discussing a few of them here:

1. Health

There are numerous benefits to going vegan. First off, a vegan diet is rich in certain nutrients like antioxidants, fiber, potassium, Vitamins A, C, E, and more.

 Also, a constant vegan dietary practice will lower the risk of certain types of cancer and heart disease as well. It is also known for improving kidney functions. My favorite one is the reduction of pain from Arthritis. It’s an all-rounder diet for sure.

 2. Manageable macros

Some of us are fitness freaks who constantly work like a machine or train like a soldier and to meet our body’s fuel demand; we need to replenish ourselves by taking in a lot of protein and carbs, which can all be easily found in a vegetarian diet.  

Ironically, it’s a common misconception that a vegan diet is not a good source of protein or that heavy muscle-building protein intake can’t be found in the said diet. Incidentally, there are vegan bodybuilders, as there are calisthenic bodybuilders. 

Vegan nutrient

It does not matter what you eat or how much you eat, as long as you get in the appropriate numbers of the appropriate nutrients in, you will be set. 

3. Food Substitutes

What refrains most people from trying out a vegan diet, or permanently transitioning into it is the myth of being deprived of all the things you love to munch on and eat. It’s one of those vegan for beginners tips you see on the internet. In this age of culinary alternatives, you can now binge on burgers and steaks or even dairy products like cheese and chocolate while being on a vegan diet. There are countless vegan cookbooks where you can find recipes that will taste no different from the real deal, just the veggie version. 

4. Understanding Your Body

You will be going through a lot of changes in body and spirit. Don’t let that scare you off. Embrace it. Try to understand the sudden changes in your body. It will help you further understand the mechanisms of your body, which in turn will open you to a better understanding of how and why our body is reacting the way it is. This is how famous fitness gurus find their signature workout. 

5. Makes You More Attractive 

There is no ugly, short or unattractive. It is only different. With that said, it is generally a sign of being attractive or a suitable mate if you’re healthy, and being healthy is a body type as well. It improves your skin, reduces your waistline, improves the way you feel in your own body.

The feel-good sensation in your body promotes an attractive mindset as well. The fresher you feel, the fresher you will look and act.

 6. Cruelty-Free

 As an animal lover, I can’t help but feel empathetic towards the animals that get slaughtered in billions to feed us. I understand, it’s the cycle of life, but now that we have evolved to the point to be able to produce our very own nutrients that we need to sustain ourselves, especially in whatever gourmet habits we are accustomed to, we can make, I see no reason for us to keep on inhumanely murdering animals.

 7. Enhanced Lifestyle

 Vegan is not a diet; it’s a lifestyle. You going vegan is essentially you going green. For those of you, who were unable to exercise because of your overweight or bulimic condition, it won’t be a problem for you. With the change in diet, you will start slimming down, quite significantly, because leafy greens pack the least amount of greens and once you are down to a size where you can move about or do basic exercises, it will be just the start of your journey towards total transformation. 

 I hope you folks enjoyed the read and I hope you will at least try your best to initiate the transition for a month and see for yourself. This is the one true Zen solution where you save lives while saving yours, and all that with a very small budget for your diet. And the cherry on top of this vegan sundae is that you get to explore your mind to a new extent that you could not sense before.

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