Ring, ring! Oh, it’s a text from your beloved, asking if you guys are still up for that Saturday night date you both have been planning for ages. It’s been a whole week since you last saw them because we all know how hard it is to leave work these days.

There are hearts in your eyes, and you can’t wait to meet them. But oh no! What to wear? What to wear? Those hearts break, and reality hits you.

Being a big woman has its quirks, no doubt, but the fashion industry does so little about clothing. Sure, everything looks good on skinny girls, but plus-size women are no less. They can pull off every piece of clothing with as much grace and elegance as any other woman, if not more.

But the real question is, how exactly should these clothes be carried? Well, don’t worry girl, we’ve got you. This article will not only help you decide what to wear but will also hook you up with some great sellers that support body positivity. So, without further ado, here are some night outfit ideas that’ll leave your sweetheart in awe.

1. Don’t Mess With The Dress

Hear us out; a pretty, body-hugging, knee-lengthed dress will not only allow you to flaunt your beautiful curves but also make the person you’re out on a date with going gaga over you! It’s a perfect crime, and you might have gotten arrested if being too good-looking was a crime.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. As for the color, nothing says more elegance than an acute, plus size white dress with a shimmery bodice. Pair it with a fresh flower behind your ear, and you’ve got yourself the perfect outfit for a night out. Don’t be surprised if you make heads turn.

2. So Cute, So Denim!

You can never go wrong with some sleek and stylish denim shirts. These babies are always in style regardless of the weather. Whatever shade you want to go with — be it a light blue tone or a darker blue for more aesthetic, nothing yells confidence and good vibes more than a chic denim shirt.

Accessories are a woman’s best friend, so never be afraid to over-accessorize. Remember, there is no such thing as too much jewelry. But be sure to wear ornaments that compliment your outfit. We’d recommend choosing darker shades of accessories when going with a denim shirt like red or black to give the whole outfit a funky rating.

3. Jumpsuits and Statements

A jumpsuit? For a night out? Make that a double yes! We’re proud of making bold statements with our quirky fashion, so don’t be afraid to lay it out all there. Make your partner go  “whoa!” every time they lay their eyes on you.

Date Night Outfit

Own the night by wearing some daring and super delightful jumpsuits, and don’t hold back from choosing the craziest color you can find. Mint green color with a bedazzled top? Yes! A bright orange one with 3D flowers on the top? You go, queen!

Make that partner of yours realize the gem that they have.

4. Girl Boss

We love a woman who knows her worth and isn’t afraid to show it. Nothing radiates boss-lady vibes better than a clean-cut, sharp-looking pantsuit. This outfit will not only let you get attention from the person of your dreams but will also demand a silenced debate from other folks in the room.

Here’s a pro tip for all my plus-size girl bosses out there; make sure the fit is perfect. Not too tight and not too loose. The blazer should be body-hugging but comfortable, whereas the pants should be flare type and have relatively bigger cuts.

Wear your high heels to complete the vibe! Stripey patterned pantsuits are so in these days and look super sharp when paired with some chunky jewelry pieces.

5. Laidback And Relaxed

Suppose you’re the type of girl who wants to be comfortable and relaxed, well, more power to you. But allow us to give a few suggestions.

Wearing a big shirt of any solid color of choice is very chic these days, and many celebrities support this fashion statement. Pair it up with some cute-looking accessories like a beady bracelet or a necklace with a small pendant, and you’re good to go.

Not only will this complement your personality, but it will also elude a genuine aura that’ll make you look the prettiest woman in the room!

6. Sophistication Is The Key

Nothing defines maturity better than dressing sophisticatedly. Wearing a long skirt and blouse and topping it with a pretty cardigan is your go-to date night outfit idea if you’re into giving off a polished look.

Now, if you wear a watch with it, a chained strap completes the whole look you’re going for. As for the shoes, we’d suggest some earth-toned pair of litas. Perfect for every kind of date.

7. Long Skirts

Long skirts exude a feminine touch to the whole outfit, and the most incredible thing about wearing them is how comfortable they are! A long frilly skirt paired with a cute top creates magic. A pleated skirt with a crop top is just super in these days.

Today’s street fashion can’t get enough of a buttoned denim skirt with a denim jacket – both of the same color. Not only does this bring style to your beautiful curves, but it also gives you a great 90’s vibe. Wearing some trendy ballerina flats enhances your levels of looking super cute! One stone, two birds.


This article isn’t meant to hide your “problem areas.” They don’t exist. So make use of these fashion tips and mix them up, whatever suits your taste, and get ready to slay! Every woman is beautiful in her way but being confident in her skin makes a lady attractive.

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