Are you looking to renovate your tiny home, apartment, or bedroom?

You may be on the hunt for ways to maximize your floor space. Many small rooms can benefit from the installation of a Murphy bed. This type of bed is also known as a wall bed, which folds into a wall or door.

If you need help decorating a small room with a Murphy bed, this short and easy guide is for you. With this, you can help save space around your home and use your bedroom more.

Read on to learn the benefits of a Murphy bed and how it will improve your space!

1. Provides Unbelievable Comfort 

It offers an unbelievable level of comfort that would otherwise be impossible to achieve in a limited space. Also, it provides extra sleeping space.

If you have guests that want to stay the night, you can quickly pull out the bed and make it comfortable for them. When it’s not in use, you can store it against a wall or in the ceiling to have more room for other things. It provides much-needed space and comfort throughout the day.

2. Add Aesthetics and Complement to Your Home

A Murphy bed is a great way to add aesthetics and complement your small room. Its sleek design can instantly lend the room a modern, contemporary vibe. Also, it can be tucked into a niche or closet when not in use, creating extra space while still looking stylish.

It can also provide a versatile sleeping solution, offering more room during the day to use as an office or a hobby room. A Murphy bed in your small room will also allow for extra storage, reduce clutter and maintain a neat and organized appearance.

3. Affordability 

The benefits of Murphy beds are plentiful, especially when affordability is a primary concern. Murphy beds are incredibly cost-effective, taking up less space than traditional beds and significantly cheaper than buying a larger bed.

Getting a full-size bed to fit a small room can be expensive, but a Murphy bed is still comfortable without breaking the bank. The Murphy bed can be easily installed, and you can opt for hiring a contractor, or you can also check this for reference on your Murphy bed installation

4. Sustainable and Easy to Maintain

They are sustainable and easy to maintain, as they can easily be stored away in a wall when not in use and need minimal upkeep. So, it saves floor space and energy by eliminating the need for a permanent bed and bed frame.

Murphy beds can also be purchased with a foldable mattress, which further increases the sustainability and convenience of the bed, as the mattress can be cleaned and stored with the bed itself, thus eliminating the need for a separate mattress. Furthermore, Murphy beds lessen the need to buy extra furniture, such as a couch or dresser, to help with space optimization. 

5. Customizable to Your Needs 

Installing a wall bed in a small bedroom provides an excellent opportunity for customizing the room according to one’s needs. Murphy beds can be installed against the wall, giving more space for other furniture pieces, such as bookshelves, desks, and more.

By pulling out the bed when not in use, the Murphy bed becomes a versatile furniture piece that can serve different purposes at different times. Accounts on size, the Murphy bed can also be customized with more features, like a fold-down desk or built-in shelves. 

Murphy beds can be customized to fit your taste and accessorized with lighting and shelving options, allowing you to customize your bedroom to fit your style and needs. With a Murphy bed, you can customize a room to your needs without taking up too much space.

a bed room with a neatly made Murphy bed and a mirror.

6. Create a Multipurpose Space in Your Home 

In a smaller bedroom, installing a Murphy bed is one of the best ways to create a multipurpose space. Not only does it free up valuable floor space, but it also allows you to use the room more efficiently by having a bed that can be folded away when not in use, you can quickly transform the space into an office, a playroom, an exercise area, or even an extra living area.

With the added space, you can easily accommodate more visitors without overcrowding. Furthermore, Murphy beds typically come with storage solutions, allowing you to maximize the storage area without removing your limited square footage. With a Murphy bed, you can make the most out of a small space in your home.

7. Adds Value to Your Home

Installing a Murphy Bed in a small room can add value to your home. Murphy Beds only take up a little space and are a great way to maximize the use of the room.

When not in use, the bed can be folded against the wall, freeing space and making room for other furniture and activities. It provides flexibility to the user in terms of using the space for different activities. The bed can also be a seating area during the day, adding an extra spot to gather and entertain.

Additionally, a Murphy Bed is a unique feature that buyers may find attractive, which could be beneficial when it comes time to sell the house. Installing a Murphy Bed can make a small room more multi-functional and adds value to the living space.

Install a Murphy Bed in Your Small Room Today

Installing a Murphy bed can be a great solution to maximize the space in your small room and increase its versatility. Not only will you save space while freeing up the floor for other activities, but you can also enjoy a more comfortable and inviting sleep environment. So give it a try to mix up your daily routine and enjoy a more relaxing space!

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