Fostering team spirit is crucial to strengthening bonds between colleagues and creating a more efficient and productive business process. Team-building activities are specially designed to help members communicate more effectively, giving them opportunities to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each team member and work better together towards a common goal.

If you have an upcoming team-building event in a private beach resort in Batangas, we have a few suggested activities that you can do to make the most out of your day:

1. FrisbeeRelay

An easy cooperative activity, all a frisbee relay needs is a bunch of frisbees or small beach balls, preferably the size of a baseball. The idea is to have 2 teams from 2 queues and create adequate space between each member. The first member will have to hold the frisbee or ball between his or her knees and make their way to the next person in line until it reaches a bucket on the other end where it will be dropped into. The team with the most amount of disk or balls in the bucket wins.

2. Human Knots

Team members should link their hands in a circle and then form knots using their hands and arms in a bid to stump the representative in undoing the knots. This is not just a great socialization activity, but it also encourages innovative thinking and strategizing.

3. Sand Castle Building

A fun children’s activity can also encourage a team to work together in order to build something from the ground up, quite literally. Team building venues in Batangasusually feature beaches with long stretches of fine sand, which is ideal for this kind of event. The team with the most impressive structure built within the given amount of time wins.

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4. Ice Cube Melt

Have the teams form queues and give the first person in line an ice cube. The idea is to try to melt the ice cube down as much as possible, and then compare which team has a bigger one by the time it passes to the team member at the end of the queue. This challenges a team’s creativity and can provide people with a much-needed respite from the heat.

5. Team Sports

Team sports such as beach volleyball, soccer, dodgeball, or paintball games are excellent team building activities, too! Your team can get their much-needed cardio workout while practicing and challenging their communication and cooperation skills.

6. Beach Towel Dance

If you’ve played the newspaper dance game, then you know how to play this one. Simply replace the morning paper with a beach towel, pump in some music, and have teams circle the towel until the music stops. When it does, everyone should get on the towel, and whoever happens to still be off the towel will be eliminated. For each round, fold the towel in half until a single victor remains.

7. Bucket Race

For this activity, you’ll need buckets that are large enough to fit a person’s foot. Teams will have to work together in order to help one member cross from the starting line of a course to the finish, with the caveat that the team member cannot let their feet touch the sand, and can only step into the buckets, which his or her team members will have to carry and set up. The first one to make it across the line wins.

You don’t need to have a lot of equipment to host fun team-building activities on the beach. A few simple tools, plus a bunch of cooperative team members who are willing to get out of their comfort zone, should be enough to make your team-building event a memorable one.

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