In the business of job, career, and life, time in the kitchen is shorter but with no less important than before. To be on top of everything, you have to be on top of the kitchen hassles with your quick hacks too. There are some easy and simple kitchen skills that could cut down your kitchen time and at the same time could serve you with the perfect food with taste and texture. So, here are 6 of them to help you out in making your life easier:

Kitchen Skills

  1. Pasta Preparation

Making pasta is easy but making it perfect requires some little tuning and adjustments. At first, don’t just boil plain water, salt the boiling water in a proportion of one tablespoon for every 4-quart pot. The salted water will preserve the pasta flavor. To keep the stickiness of your pasta, don’t run the cold water on it while draining. Little stickiness will make the sauce cling on to the noodles better. Stop cooking in water as the pasta gets a bit firm and chewy and add it with sauce in a skillet. Pasta will finish cooking slowly while sauce and flavor disperse through every strand of the noodle.

  1. Cooking Garlic

Garlic is important as a kitchen staple because of its almost universal use in all kinds of dishes. However, how can you cook it in an easier way? In the beginning, use the back of a chef’s knife to smash the clove and remove the pesky peel. Chop according to your need, most of the recipes require thin slices anyway. To save from the burn during cooking, cook the garlic slices on a low heat and as soon as the edges of the slices become faintest brown, remove the heat – this will prevent any over-cooking too. Also, you can put it in the pan on top of the main recipe item like veggies to prevent any burning.

  1. Make Use Of Different Kinds Of Spice Grinders

Maybe you have only one of many different kinds of spice grinders. Maybe your spice grinder does not have all the functions currently many other sophisticated grinders can do. So, have the best spice grinder based on your own grinding requirements and make your life easier in the kitchen.

  1. Chopping an Onion

Knife accidents in the kitchen, specifically while chopping the onion is a very common and serious issue, which can cost you with a finger injury, time and more. As well as, chopping the onion might be the most common kitchen work every single individual has to go through. So, the best way is to learn the trick of chopping the onion correctly. Take your chopping board and a kitchen knife, put the onions on the board and first cut off the two ends and remove the peels. Now, hold the onion in one hand on the board and maintain the first finger on the onion to the edge of the blunt end and keep the thumb away from the sharp end of the knife and chop fine.

  1. Prepare Salad Dressing from the Scratch

To prepare salad dressing at home is not only handy in saving money but also gives you an extra option for decorating the dish too. Just a few ingredients, salt, and pepper can help you prepare an excellent homemade salad dressing.  Add one-part vinegar to a three-part olive oil, shake and mix well in a Tupperware like small container. Customize the ratio and appropriate the salt and pepper to make it fit your own taste. Try with different kinds of vinegar or citrus juices, play with the ratio, add garlic, shallot or cream and discover new variations.

  1. Making Signature Dishes

To account for a small party or guest service, you should have some quick tools in your pocket to come over the stress factors while in the kitchen. A quick side dish with a bit more complex main course should be well for the expectation. An easy and basic signature could be a combination of roasted lemon with a dish of garlic Brussels sprouts. This could go for the side part and for the main course, you might think of a chicken barbecue. Little complicacy of the main dish can be compensated and complemented by the joyous weekend in the kitchen.

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