The legal field is constantly evolving along with society, and there are many different opportunities for getting involved. Whether you attend law school and become a lawyer or a judge, or receive a certificate to become a paralegal or court reporter, the legal field provides plenty of promising career opportunities. If you are interested in a legal career but don’t know what is the best match for you, it’s important to look into the following career opportunities to determine where you want to begin your search.

1. Court Reporter

Court reporters are an essential aspect of the legal community, as they create real-time transcripts for various types of legal hearings. For anyone interested in becoming a court reporter, but is wondering “is becoming a court reporter hard?” The simple answer is that it can certainly be challenging, but is possible for those willing to put the proper work in. A successful court reporter will have attended court reporting school and have experience in various court settings. Official court reporters don’t necessarily have to be tied down to working in one place and can work as a freelance court reporter if they would like to have a more flexible schedule. If you’re interested in serving as a court reporter, the National Court Reporters Association is a useful resource in beginning this career path.

2. Paralegal/Legal Assistant

Paralegals, also known as legal assistants, are an essential part of a law firm. Paralegals assist attorneys by researching statutes and directly working with clients. As a member of the firm, paralegals provide administrative support for the attorneys, and they help guarantee that each case is handled efficiently. In order to become a paralegal, it is not necessary to attend law school; however, earning a paralegal certificate from a university with an accredited program will be helpful in a competitive job market.

3. Law Clerk

Law clerks are usually current law students that work directly for a judge. Clerks help conduct case law research and write legal memorandums for the court. Law clerks typically do more legal research and writing than a paralegal; however, law school is typically a requirement for obtaining a clerkship position. Law school graduates can still serve as a law clerk while awaiting their Bar Exam results, as it is a type of entry-level position for aspiring attorneys.


4. Attorney

Attorneys are among the highest achievable positions in the legal field. In order to become an attorney, one must attend three years of law school and pass the Bar Exam for the state in which they want to practice. Attorneys have the ability to advance within their career, as they can become a managing partner for a firm or the judge of a court. It’s also important to note that, given the wide range of topics within the law, it is possible to become an attorney in many different fields, some of which include personal injury, criminal law, and environmental law. Attorneys are never bound to one specific type of law— it’s possible to work in multiple practice areas. For example, Howard Fensterman, an attorney located on Long Island, New York, is a partner of the law firm of Abrams where he serves in multiple practice areas. This might be the career for you if you have various interests. This way, you can keep your work-life exciting by choosing the cases you want while creating time for your own hobbies. Fensterman himself even has an extensive mineral hobby!

5. Judge

A judge is one of the most reputable positions to hold in the legal field. Judges oversee court hearings and decide the outcome of trials. While the field has different degrees of judges, ranging from local courthouse judges to Supreme Court Justices, it is a demanding career at any level. Attending law school and practicing as an attorney are required in order to move up to a judicial position. If you have the means to put in years of work to achieve this position, serving as a judge is a rewarding and honorable career.

6. Law Enforcement Officer

For those who want to have a legal career, but don’t find the idea of working in an office appealing, becoming a law enforcement officer is a great choice. This can be an exciting career for anyone who likes working in a constantly changing environment. Reinforcing the law within society is an important aspect of the legal field, and law enforcement officers are necessary to maintain order.

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