Cannabis has witnessed extensive popularity in the last few years, chiefly because of the medicinal benefits it brings. Though it was initially known as a recreational substance, studies have shown that it is effective in treating a variety of health conditions. These include diabetes, joint pains, inflammatory conditions, anxiety, stress, and more. The fact that it is absolutely safe to consume makes it even more popular. First timers, however, need to know a few facts about it before they try their hands. So if you are planning to explore cannabis as a beginner, here are a few useful tips that can help.

1. Understand the purpose in the first place

Before you start, understand the exact purpose that you are consuming it for. There are various reasons that people try cannabis for; while some use it for relaxation, others opt for it to get specific medicinal benefits. These include the treatment of joint pains, insomnia, acne, anxiety, and depression. Some others may want to use it to avoid addictive substances like alcohol and tobacco. The reason that you want to use cannabis should be clear in the first place.

2. Start low and know your optimal dosage

The most important thing for a newbie is to start with the right quantity for the first time. Being a biphasic substance, cannabis can cause a psychoactive impact if a certain dosage threshold is crossed. A light dose, for example, can make you feel relaxed but too much can cause fatigue and anxiety, specifically if you are new to it. Start with a low dose and increase gradually only up to an optimal dosage that does not make you uncomfortable.


3. Find the consumption method that works for you

As a first time user, you will probably not be aware of the various methods of CBD consumption. Ask a seasoned consumer to explain each one and guide you about using them. You can try gummies, drops, and oil to begin with. Once you have experienced cannabis for the first time, you can try purekana cbd vape pen to explore the vaping option. Once you experience different methods, you will probably know which one works for you and stick to it.

4. Buy only a quality product and know it well

Another thing to ensure is the quality of the product you are buying. Whether you shop from a pharmacy or a website ensure that the seller is trustworthy and sells genuine and high-quality products. It is equally important to verify the product’s potency as well as where it has been sourced from. Check the extraction process as well because it determines the purity levels. Do some research on cannabis strains to know the ones that are high in CBD (not in THC because it is psychoactive).

5. Seek advice from a seasoned user

First timers may not be really sure about the experience they will have with these products. Being prepared beforehand is important and advice from seasoned users can be useful in this context. It would be even better if you have someone experienced around when you consume cannabis for the first time because they can instruct you about the right dosing and side effects.

Moderation is the key for beginners but you should not panic if you have consumed too much. The effects will probably wane in some time and you will know better for the next time.

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