Glass shower screens come in a variety of designs, and they look very attractive when they are clean and shiny. While looking after and maintaining your glass shower screens isn’t a difficult task, to keep them looking their best, they do need some routine cleaning and maintenance.

This article is going to highlight some tips to keep your glass shower screens looking as good as the day they were installed, so let’s get started.

1. Wipe the Screen Down Following Each Shower

When water droplets dry on glass shower screens, they tend to leave small marks and patterns behind, especially if there was still some soap or shampoo in those water droplets or if you have a high concentration of mineral deposits in your town water. After a while, the shower screens start to look rather murky and unattractive.

The trick to keeping your glass shower screens looking better for longer between cleaning is to wipe the glass down after each shower. It’s a task that only takes a minute or two. You can buy special microfiber cloths for this purpose or even a small bathroom shower squeegee. While the cloth or squeegee won’t make the glass perfectly clean and blemish-free, they certainly make a massive difference.

2. Don’t Clean Glass Shower Screens With Harsh Chemicals

Glass cleaning products can leave the shower screens looking smeared. Bleach, while effective against a build-up of mildew on grout and tiles, bleach can gradually degrade the surface of the glass when used repeatedly as can other high alkaline or acidic cleaners.

You’re better off just filling up a bucket of warm water and adding a little dishwashing liquid, then wiping down the glass shower screens with a soft cloth. Once done, rinse with fresh water and then either squeegee the screens dry or use that microfiber cloth to remove the excess moisture.

Glass Shower Screens

3. Removing Stubborn Stains On Shower Screens

If the glass shower screens have some stubborn stains on them that won’t come off with a simple wash, you could try making a blend of baking soda and white vinegar to form a paste. Rub the paste onto the stain and let it sit for a while to soften up and absorb the stain. After about 10 minutes, rinse with fresh water and generally, the stain will be gone.

After all stubborn stains have been removed, wash the glass screens as per the point above.

4. Have a Glass Treatment Applied To Your Shower Screens

Another great option to truly maintain the look of your glass shower screens is to have them treated by a professional service.

EnduroShield glass treatment is designed to seal and protect the surface of the glass. EnduroShield chemically bonds to the surface of the glass creating a non-stick barrier similar to a non-stick frypan.  This repels water preventing hard water stains from occurring from mineral deposits, preventing a buildup of soap from forming on the glass, and reducing cleaning times by up to 90%. Once treated you will notice that your shower screen will remain cleaner for longer and require less maintenance with no need for special cleaning products. Note that the EnduroShield layer is totally invisible and won’t alter the appearance of your glass shower screens in any way.

5. Removing Scratches From Glass

Shower screens are not indestructible by any means. Most showers are not very big, and the screens will often get bumped and knocked with various items such as razors, for example. Over time, it’s inevitable that the screens will become marred with fine scratches or possibly even a deep scratch or two.

Unless you really know what you are doing, it’s not advisable to try and remove these scratches yourself, as you could just make the problem look worse rather than better. Instead, call in a glass restoration professional. They’ll have the gear and the know-how to get rid of those scratches and have your shower screens looking perfect once again.

In Conclusion

If you follow the tips and advice in this article, there’s absolutely no reason why your glass shower screens can’t remain looking fantastic for many years to come, and you’ll even be able to cut back on your cleaning time.

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