For those who do not have a lot of time on their hands but still want to care for a pet, a crested gecko is the best choice. These reptiles are beginner-friendly, and hence, easy to deal with. Given the intriguing history of crested geckos, it is no wonder that people are intrigued by this fascinating creature. If you are also a reptile lover and would love to pet one, you may want to keep a few things in mind.

Understanding How to Handle Crested Geckos

Dealing with a crested gecko is not the same as dealing with other pets. Usually, when people think of pets, they think about cats, dogs, or other small furry creatures. However, keeping reptiles as pets requires dedication and research since caring for them is much different from caring for a canine.

When dealing with this gecko, you need to keep their behavior and temperament in mind. So, how should you pet your gecko?

Docile Temperament

When you think of handling this gecko species, keep in mind that they are docile creatures bordering on skittish. Unlike other pets, these reptiles do not like being handled. Hence, although it may be tempting to give them a pat on the head, try to avoid it as much as possible.

Jumping Geckos

When you cannot avoid handling your gecko, such as cleaning their tank, it is essential to be as gentle as possible. As mentioned earlier, these geckos are quite skittish.

Crested Gecko


If they feel scared or sense that something is amiss, they will jump from your hands and possibly injure themselves. Keep their safety in mind and handle them slowly over the ground or be slow with your movements.

Keep Them Stress-free

Unlike other geckos, crested geckos do not regenerate their tails once it falls off. Since their tails provide them agility, balance, and additional benefits, it is vital to ensure that you keep them stress-free so that their tails do not fall off. They are in danger of their tail falling off if they are not handled the right way.

Child-friendly Pets

Do you want to introduce your kids to an unusual pet? These geckos are the perfect candidates. They can bond well with their owners and do not make much noise or scurry away. However, it is best not to let younger children handle the geckos.

Older children can handle geckos after being instructed on the best way to pet them without scaring them off. Younger children can enjoy bonding with geckos by observing through their enclosures and learning more about them.

Additionally, these geckos rarely bite, and even if they do, the bite is not strong enough to draw blood. Hence, you can let your kids handle them without much worry.

Beware of Bacteria

Although it is not common, sometimes, these geckos may be carriers of bacteria or fungi, not safe for humans. Most of these contaminants are transmissible. The most common one is Salmonella. Hence, when you are handling a gecko, be cautious.

Ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly with a mild yet safe hand wash after you have handled a gecko. While not all geckos will carry harmful bacteria, it does not hurt to be cautious, especially if you want your children to hold their pet.

When you want a beginner-friendly low-maintenance pet, you cannot do much better than the gecko. Not only are geckos adorable to look at, but they are also docile creatures who will bond with you easily when you take care of them. Handling them, however, is a little challenging and requires care. Make sure to be as gentle as possible when you think about handling your beloved pet.

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