Have you ever lost a valuable customer to a competitor and wonder why they decided to leave you? A positive customer experience strategy will help you to find the drawbacks in serving your customers better and provides insights in identifying the needs of your customers. It will provide you with inputs to plan a better engaging customer experience strategy.

Customers are the lifelines of your business. Without customers, your business wouldn’t exist. For the successful survival of your business in the current market, your top goal should be to make your customers happy. Happy and satisfied customers always come back, again and again, to do more business with you. They bring referrals and can act as brand ambassadors to promote your business to their friends and family members.

Would you like to win the most loyal and trusted customers for your business? It’s not a simple task. You should devise the best customer experience strategy and implement it accordingly to create a roadmap to better connect with your customers.

Here is the five-step formula for designing a memorable and positive customer experience for your beloved customers.

Integrate CRM Solutions

Crm software

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software is the best user-friendly application to communicate with your customers. This tool reduces manual work and automatically updates customer information. It records customer purchase histories, tastes, preferences, interests, important occasions, contact details, and so on and as well as providing high security of customer data. As a result, it leaves plenty of room for the sales team to better analyze the customer data and design a strategy to serve the customers better.

Collect Feedback From Your Customers

Customer feedback is important to determine any flaws in your business. You can send out a customer feedback survey or conduct an E-poll or ask your loyal customers to provide a review of your business. It will help enterprises to collect information and enables them to determine what your customers are actually thinking about your business.

If you are using CRM software, then it’s terribly easy to design a customer survey and share it on multiple social networking channels within a fraction of seconds.

Greet Customers by Name (old customers)

Customers typically remember little things such as how salespeople greet them, how they patiently answered all of their questions, and so on. These little things always wow them and create a positive feeling about your business. It entices them to come back to your business repeatedly to purchase more.

Pay Personalized Attention to Your Customers


Everyone loves personalized attention. Why not your customers? Those special birthday wishes, invitations to an important event, special offers and discounts on festive occasions, and so on. Add a personalized touch to your customer experience strategy.

Take the most advantage of CRM software and record the entire customer journey they had with your business. Keep note of the important events, occasions, and birthdays of your customers and wish them good vibes on those special occasions. It makes them happy, feels great, and builds trust with your brand.

Provide Training to your Customers

Customers are the heart of your business. Your sales team and front office desk should be aware of how to greet the customers and smile. These are basic points to remember but this kind of things creates a big impression on your customers. Your sales team should master the aspects of friendliness. If any of your sales people lack those basic qualities, don’t be afraid to give them additional training. It will definitely maximize your efforts.

These days customers are reluctant. If they are not satisfied with your business, they immediately switch to your competitors. It’s in the hands of business owners to retain and grow their customer database. No matter how qualitative your products and services are, if your customer service doesn’t meet the expectations and needs of your customers, then you will start losing your current and any potential customers. Focus on providing a positive customer experience and implement the above five-step strategy to build a loyal customer base.

Author Bio:

James Maron is an author at SutiSoft, Inc. He shares his views on SaaS and Cloud-based business management solutions.

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