Beauty and fashion companies spend millions of dollars trying to come up with skin care solutions. However, most of the time, the best skin care remedies are natural. Organic skincare is the process of using natural cosmetic products that are made from GM organisms, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, and other types of natural cosmetic formulations. These organic ingredients can also be used as natural remedies as a solution to common skin problems. Below is a guide to some organic remedies to some of the most common skin health problems;

1. Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the best common skin problems like dark circles and puffy eyes, among others. The reason why turmeric is an excellent remedy is that it is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. These elements help to brighten dull skin, improving your complexion, and eliminating acne scars and dark circles. Turmeric is also packed with hydrating properties, which help to soothe dry skin. It also helps to remove dead skin hence leaving your skin softer and healthy.

Tips for how to use turmeric

  • Turmeric can be used in combination with apple cider. This combination of products could help prevent the formation of new breakouts and reduce swelling. The mixture can also be used as a toner
  • Turmeric can also be combined with honey to help eliminate common blemishes of the skin.

2. Sandalwood


Sandalwood is also an incredible remedy. Sandalwood is packed with antibacterial, antiseptic, and exfoliating properties. It can, therefore, be applied in the treatment of pimples and acne. It works by eliminating bacteria and cleaning the pores hence preventing the development of pimples.

Tips for applying sandalwood

  •  You can use it in the powder form, which helps to reduce wrinkles hence making your skin look younger.
  • You can also use it in paste form. In this form, all the oils are retained. The oils help to reduce dryness of the skin. The product, therefore, acts as a natural moisturizer. Specialists like sond skin recommend this product for eczema skincare. (Sond skin is a company that helps provide natural and vegan solutions to skin care issues)

3. Red tomato

Red tomato

Tomato is also an excellent remedy because it helps to make the skin look healthier. Red tomatoes are packed with acid. The acidic element helps to reduce issues like acne. It also helps to eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Guide for using red tomato

  • You can make tomato juice from the red tomatoes then apply it to the skin directly. All you have to do is mix a teaspoon of the juice to lemon juice then apply it to your face. Later, you have to rinse your skin with lukewarm water. Doing so will help to clear your skin.
  • You can also cut the red tomatoes into slices. Proceed to rub the slices on areas of your skin with blemishes like blackheads and eczema.
  1. Lemon

    Lemon is packed with antibacterial properties that help to eliminate bacteria. By removing the bacteria, lemon helps to prevent breakouts. Note that concentrated lemon can be very harsh on your skin, especially if it is sensitive. Therefore, avoid this remedy if you have sensitive skin.

    Guide for using lemon

  •  You can make lemon juice and mix a few drops with coconut water. The combination will help to hydrate your skin and brighten it at the same time.
  • You can also slice a lemon then rub it on the affected areas of your face. Make sure to wash your face before using this method. It will help you to get rid of issues like blackheads. Make sure not to leave the lemon on your skin for more than 15 minutes because it could cause more harm than good.
  • If you have dehydrated skin, you can put a few drops of diluted lemon juice onto a cotton pad and then apply it to your skin.

5. Organic yoghurt

Organic yoghurt

According to Sond, vegan and vegetarian diets are the best way to take care of your skin and health. However, vegetarian foods like natural yoghurt can be used topically on the skin. The product’s contents can be used to eliminate some symptoms of ageing, like the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can also help to prevent breakouts.

How to use it

  •  You can apply the yoghurt as a face mask. Doing so will help to exfoliate the skin. It will also help to eliminate dead skin hence giving you a youthful glow.
  • You can also rub it on areas with blemishes. Doing so will help to reduce discolouration of the skin. It also acts as a natural moisturizer.

Common skin problems

Below are some of the most common skin problems that can be resolved with the above organic skincare remedies;

  • Eczema- This is one of the most common skin issues. It is characterized by inflammation and irritation of the skin. Some common symptoms are skin redness, scaling, and formation of blisters. It occurs in people of all ages but is most common in children below five years old.
  • Psoriasis- this skin condition is characterized by red-coloured plaques, which sometimes have silver scales.
  • Acne and pimples- these conditions affect both men and women. They are common in adolescents, but they can occur in adults as well. Some symptoms are redness and formation of bumps on the skin.


Each of the remedies mentioned above is an incredible and cruelty-free option. However, be careful not to try them all out at the same time. You can try one at a time and wait to see if there will be any results before moving to the next one. If you find one that is effective for you, you do not have to try the others. According to the skin, beauty, and fashion experts and companies like Sond, another natural remedy for common skin problems is diet. A healthy diet can go along way when it comes to the wellness of your skin. Arguably, vegan and vegetarian diets are a great type of organic skincare method. It also helps that these remedies are cruelty-free.

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