Bangalore, or what the locals commonly call Bengaluru, can be found in the southeastern part of Karnataka’s Deccan Plateau. Its wide greenery and pleasant climate made it a popular tourist destination, especially by those who love to be surrounded by nature.

The Lalbagh Botanical Garden is one of the most visited destinations because of the numerous rare plant species. Other tourists enjoy spending time at some iconic historical destinations, including the Bangalore Fort and the Bangalore Palace.

Because of these numerous travel-worthy spots, tourists in the city tend to neglect their health. They often ignore the urges to pass urine to be able to visit as many places as possible.

However, the best urologist in Bangalore would advise against this habit. The medical experts know that intentionally forgetting to go to the toilet would cause many urinary tract problems in the future.

To avoid any ailments in the urinary system, here are several tips that a reputable urologist would want you to know.

Stay Hydrated 

Drinking at least eight glasses per day is one of the best and simplest ways to avoid urinary tract infections or developing kidney stones. The water you consume will get filtered in your kidneys, then it will gather in your bladder until the time when you feel the urge to remove it in your system through urination.

If you do not have enough water in your body, the urine that gets collected in your bladder will turn concentrated. It can cause your bladder to get irritated and make you want to pass urine all the time. The condensed urine may cause a burning sensation as you urinate, increasing your chances of having kidney stones or bladder infections.

If you are at risk of urinary tract infections or kidney stones, you need to increase your water intake to 10 to 12 glasses per day. You can talk to the best urologist in Bangalore if you have any existing kidney or heart problems because drinking large volumes of water can adversely affect your health.


Reduce Salt Intake

Having too much salt in your diet may harm your kidneys. The high sodium diet is often linked to elevated blood pressure. If your blood pressure level remains uncontrolled for a long time, it may cause irreversible kidney damage.

Also, the high salt diet may lead to the formation of kidney stones. If left untreated, kidney stones will cause discomfort when urinating. Even if you love eating idli dip sambar during your tour in Bangalore, you need to watch out for its sodium content. You also need to read the labels in most processed food like sausages and canned soups to lower the risks of having kidney stones.

Lessen Caffeine Consumption

Caffeinated drinks are known for being diuretic. It means that it can increase your urge to urinate. If you drink more caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea, or soda, you will find yourself needing to head over to the nearest toilet all the time.

Also, drinking too much caffeine will make you dehydrated easily. It means that it will increase your chances of having bladder infections and kidney stones. So even if you love spending time in the best chai places in the city, you need to limit the cups of kullad chai to a minimum.

Women Must Wipe Properly After Urinating

There are millions of bacteria in the rectum and anus area. For this reason, women must know how to wipe properly after using the toilet.

Doctors recommend wiping from front to back to ensure that the bacteria will not get in close contact with the vagina. It will reduce the chances of getting urinary tract infections.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise Regularly

Regular workouts can help reduce your risk of having bladder problems. With proper exercise, you will be able to manage your weight. Those who are overweight or obese have higher risks of urinary tract problems like cystocele or fallen bladder syndrome. It will require surgery to correct the problem, so ensure that you will include exercise as part of your daily schedule during your tour in Bangalore.

Consider Probiotic Supplements

Women who are susceptible to urinary tract infections should consider taking probiotic supplements to reduce the risk of UTIs and certain urinary diseases. A probiotic supplement for women can offer many benefits, including promoting vaginal pH, improving digestion, and supporting urinary tract health. Talk to your doctor about taking a probiotic supplement before buying any supplements to ensure they are safe for you.

Most importantly, you need to go to the toilet right away as soon as you get the urge to pee. The bladder is composed of expanding muscles when full and contracts when empty. Waiting too long before you pass the urine could be harmful to your health since it stretches your bladder for a long time. So as soon as you feel the need to pee, you need to find a toilet as soon as possible.

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