Gum disease, or periodontitis, is often called the “silent killer” and for good reason: even though early warning signs pop up, many people don’t heed them.

Don’t be like others! Noticing gum disease symptoms can help you with treating gum disease. After all, it is an important part of oral health that you need to keep in mind.

Here are the top five early signs of gum disease.

1. Abnormal Bleeding from Gums

Bleeding from gums is not necessarily abnormal—or at least that is what people want to believe. However, if you are noticing your gums bleed from just your regular brushing and flossing routine, it could be gum disease.

Bleeding and tenderness in the gums are not normal. You should consult your dentist immediately.

Your dentist can help you start gingivitis treatment.

2. Bad Breath Caused by Bacteria

Everyone has a bad morning breath. Knowing that constant bad breath that isn’t fixed by brushing is another early sign of gum disease.

Chronic bad breath can indicate bacteria growth. Usually, the good bacteria and your saliva help manage your breath. When you always have bad breath, this means you need to begin gum disease treatment quickly.

Gum Disease

3. Extremely Sensitive Teeth

Do you find your teeth or gums hurt after you bite into cold or hot food? Do they feel very sensitive in general? This is one of the gum disease symptoms that should alert you early.

The extreme sensitivity in your teeth is not normal. You should consult with your dentist right away. Begin preventative dental care now so you can avoid further gum disease symptoms.

4. Gums That Have Receded

Sensitive teeth may be a sign that your gums are sensitive too. Your gums may even be receding.

Receding gums is a dangerous part of gum disease. In fact, it may be a sign you are acting too late.

If your gums have receded even a little bit, go to your dentist immediately. You can begin dental care that helps clear out the infection in your gums. The goal is to avoid periodontal gum surgery.


Gum Disease

5. Teeth Are Loosening

First, it could be sensitive teeth. Then, your gums recede. After that, it may be your teeth are loosening. In extreme cases, they may even fall out.

When your gum tissue recedes or pulls away from the tooth, this makes it easier for your teeth to loosen. This is why catching gum disease symptoms early is so significant.

By the time your teeth are loosening, you are already far into the stages of gum disease.

Five Early Signs of Gum Disease

These five early signs of gum disease are the information you need to pursue better oral health. Make sure you keep your teeth and gums in check and always go to the dentist on time.

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