It can often feel like the world today is constantly trying to steal your confidence and joy. In a world like that, liking yourself can be the bravest, most rebellious thing you can do. But sometimes finding that kick-ass self-confidence is easier said than done.

Even on days that you are feeling down in the dumps and can’t break free of the destructive cycle of comparing yourself to others, there are secret ways to find that confidence again. And sometimes, you just have to trick your brain into finding that self-esteem you deserve. Thoughts can often be your own worst enemy, but just wait until you learn how to turn your thoughts around to words of positivity and light. Your confidence is inside you, follow these three easy tricks to make sure it comes out loud and proud.

Dress Yourself Up

Dress Yourself

Confidence and self-esteem are often about what’s on the inside, but who is to say your outside can‘t feel great too! To find your confidence, you just need to dress yourself up for how you want to feel. While days of relaxing in your sweatpants can be necessary, too many of those days can lead to feelings of negativity and laziness. Here’s a tip, you don’t need an excuse to look great, you alone are worth the energy to look fabulous for yourself. So get that new outfit that you feel incredible in or spring for the fun shoes that make you feel like a rockstar.

Here’s a secret for the women out there, sexy lingerie can really increase your confidence. It starts at the base of your outfit. Find bras and panties that make you hold yourself high. You are a fierce, beautiful woman, and knowing that will help you realize you can conquer anything. Check out Plus size lingerie with floral lace and a variety of colors. Often times you can get a sexy new look for an affordable price. You’ll look incredible and feel just as amazingly confident.

Embracing a confident look doesn’t start and end with clothes. For those who wear makeup, a fun, adventurous face allows your playful personality to be on full display. And as any good makeup artist knows, you need the cherry on top of your look: fabulous eyelashes. With a new magnetic eyelash kit, you can add lashes to your look with ease. No more excuses to not embrace the false lashes life, enjoy these easy accessories for your natural lash today.

Be Obnoxiously Positive

Confidence can often shrink when confronted with negative self-talk. If you find you’re constantly insulting yourself or putting yourself down, you’re more likely to believe the bad things you’re saying. First of all, if you wouldn’t say the same statement to a friend, then why in the world do you think it’s okay to say that to yourself? Here is your challenge to find your confidence: be obnoxiously positive.

Avoid the complaints and fully embrace the power of positive self-talk. This may be a simple request, but it takes practice to master. You have to be vigilant. When you start talking about yourself negatively, flip the conversation in your head. Focus on what you love about yourself, what you’re good at, and all the lives you’ve touched. Show negative thoughts they are no longer welcomed, and your confidence and belief in the positives about yourself will soar.

Focus on Your Strengths

Along with the obnoxious positivity, it’s time to focus on the amazing strengths that make you the incredible person you are. Everyone in this world has talents and beauty to add to the world, so what are yours? Whenever you’re feeling down or a lack of confidence in a particular area, remind yourself of all the ways you thrive. Sure, you may not be the next Michelangelo of painting, but you have incredible skills on the piano. No one is perfect at everything, so stop expecting that of yourself. If you can find your strengths and focus on what you’re really proud of, you’ll have the confidence to command any room you walk into.

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