Having perfect skin is the dream of all: bright colour, no discouragement, compact and uniform incarnation. But where Mother Nature alas did not come here the right makeup comes to our aid. Makeup School Auckland has summarized some steps and small tricks to follow to get a Perfect base!

Prepare the skin:

A fundamental condition for a perfect result is to prepare your skin to receive make-up products. As? Obviously, the first step is cleaning! Perfectly clean skin without excessive makeup or excess sebum is the ideal foundation to work on.

A perfectly smooth grain:

On smooth and soft skin, the foundation is better adhered to and fused with the incarnate, resulting in an almost invisible. This is why it is important to sharpen the skin grain as much as possible by scrubbing or peeling at least once a week and thus eliminating dead cells, pellets, impurities, etc.


When you want your skin to be particularly perfect, use a face primer before making makeup. On the market, there are so many types so you just have to choose what is for you based on the result you want to get. To find out more about primers, I refer you to the dedicated post. Remember not to apply the primer every day but only on special occasions!

Perfect Foundation:

To have perfect skin you need to find your perfect foundation! From the foundation, we look for at least 5 of these qualities:

  • That we intend to perfect with our incarnate.
  • Which stands out with ease.
  • Which covers most of the discrepancies.
  • That the effect on the face is not heavy.
  • Which has a long life span.

Impossible? Absolutely not, just experiment and look a bit! To find out more about the foundation argument just click here.


The most painful button in the makeup routines of many of us, finding the perfect concealer is not simple, especially if you have discrepancies to be corrected as obvious as dark circles or reddish on the face. As you know, to choose the correct corrector we have to rely on the theory of complementary colors, then on a red discromia we will apply a green corrector, on a purple discromia we will apply a yellow corrector, on a blue discromia we will apply an orange corrector. Anyway, you can find them all in this post.


A fundamental step to achieving a perfect base. After foundation and concealer, we must always remember to fix it all with a dampening powder that will make the makeup more durable and will give the skin that beautiful “peeling skin” effect. Find out more about the powder on this link.

A touch of light:

Giving brightness to the face is another important step to get that cool effect, which we often see in magazines, fresh and moisturized skin. To do this, the illuminators come to us. In cream or powder, applied in small quantities on the right facial areas, make it appear more dimensional. Beauty Courses Auckland advises choosing the lighting according to our type and colour of skin. Here you find all the information to choose it!

A makeup that lasts:

Once finished our base can be very useful for spraying on the face with a little thermal water or a makeup spray fixator. This way we will ensure impeccable durability and a fresh and natural effect on the skin.

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