Whether you’re single or taken, there are always some challenges to be faced and ways to improve your physical and emotional connections. In order to do so, people try many different things, from watching YouTube videos of relationship coaches to full-on matchmaking. 

Constantly learning and growing in your relationships is truly the key to success, whichever way you do it. In this article, we would like to open your horizons to an innovative way of looking at relationships through the lens of virtual reality. It may come as a surprise to learn that VR porn can be beneficial for your love life, but actually it can touch upon subjects that are even difficult to work on in therapy, such as sexuality and fetishes. 

Make long-distance relationships more bearable 

The subject of long-distance relationships has been a sore point of conversation throughout generations and has been especially popular this year during the pandemic. Thousands of couples around the world got separated due to the Coronavirus, unable to see each other, and relying on video chats to keep their relationship going. 

Intimacy plays a big role in most relationships and if you’re apart for a lot of the time, that can really put a strain on your sex life. You can, of course, text each other or have video calls where you get a little cheeky, but it could never really substitute the real thing. VR porn can really help bridge that intimacy gap as it’s the closest you can get to actual physical love-making. 

During your virtual date nights, you could try setting the mood first and then watching a virtual reality movie with an adult twist at the same time as your partner. To make it that extra bit more special, you could even find films that have actors that look like them. 

Virtual reality

Do you have different desires compared to your partner? 

We all like different things inside and outside of the bedroom so there is a fair chance that some of your kinks and fetishes may differ to your partners. What do you do in that case? Do you leave them and find someone who you feel is more compatible? But what if everything else in your relationship is perfect and you don’t want to let them go? Perhaps what you need to make your relationship strong are just a little compromise and some modern technology.

If you can imagine it in your head – there is probably an adult movie about it. Since VR porn is an incredibly realistic and immersive experience, it really is a great way to experiment with different sexual fetishes in a safe space. 

It could also be a fantastic way to get your partner more comfortable with your desires if they weren’t previously. For example, if you like a little bit of BDSM in the bedroom but your beloved is not so keen to dominate or be dominated, why not try the following: You can put on an erotic virtual reality film and your partner can help you out in real life. For example, if you’re being handcuffed to the bed in the movie, your partner can handcuff you in real life as you’re watching the film. This will give you a more realistic experience and may potentially get your partner curious about this too.

It’s also a great way to explore your sexuality in general, for example, if you’ve noticed yourself being attracted to members of the same sex as you but don’t dare to experiment with that in real life just yet, VR porn could be the solution. 

Virtual dating

There’s something in virtual reality for everyone and if you’re single and looking for someone new, it could even help you find love! Virtual reality chat rooms, such as VRchat are quickly growing in popularity as you can create your own worlds, play games, and make new friends (and potentially more!).

If you’ve just met online and are still stuck in lockdown, virtual chat rooms can be a fun way to go on a date without ever leaving your house. You can get to know each other in a quirky and unique way that offers more options than just a regular video chat. You won’t be able to see the person as they are so you’ll end up going for a walk with a blue-haired anime character or a furry animal, but their voices will still be real and after a while, they will actually feel like your date. 

There is also virtual speed dating events where you can meet many people over the course of the evening and walk away with a phone number or two!

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