Imagine a life where you are searching for water everywhere. You are just in need of a little pure water to save you and your family. But just like everyone is doing the same. People are fighting to get pure water.

Tragic? Isn’t it?

Pure water is becoming a significant threat to conquer. Having or consuming impure water only leads to diseases and problems which has disastrous impacts. These impacts are so hazardous that they can lead to death also.

Since everything can be fixed somehow, this problem of impurity also has a solution. WATER PURIFIERS is the leading solution. They play a vital role in helping people to get the access of fresh and pure water. They are easy to be installed at your home premises, at your offices or for any commercial places.

Now, when it comes to buying these water purifiers, one might get confused or demented as the market is loaded with the immense variety of water purifiers. There is an enormous range of water purifiers but to choose the best, is a task itself. Not only there is several water purifiers but also different technologies of water purifiers which are best suited to be installed at your home.

New technologies have been added to a standard water purifier. Such as the RO or the Reverse Osmosis, or the UV or Ultra Violet or even the UF or the Ultra Filtration.


Confusing, right?

Let’s simplify this for you. So that you can have a clear understanding of which technology is best or which product is best. These products are also natural for the installation at your home. These are the best water purifiers in their ways. Let’s see the differences-

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifiers

Reverse osmosis is an intelligent technology which is used to remove a large section of contaminants which are present in the water by pushing the water under pressure through a semi-permeable membrane of the water purifier.

How does Reverse Osmosis work?

Well, the working of reverse osmosis is quite easy to understand. Reverse Osmosis works by taking help of a high-pressure pump to increase the pressure on the salt side of the RO. It also forces the water across the semi-permeable RO membrane, leaving almost all (around 95% to 99%) of dissolved salts behind in the reject stream or the waste stream

The amount of pressure of water which is required depends on the salt concentration of the feed water. The more concentrated the feed water, the more force is needed to overcome the osmotic pressure of the water.

The desalinated water, which is demineralized or deionized, is called permeate (or product) water. The water stream which carries the concentrated contaminants in the water that did not pass through the RO membrane is called the reject (or concentrate) stream which works like wonders.

These types of water purifiers are quite common within the public as this technology is also considered as the newest and the bests one. Reverse osmosis is capable enough to remove the dissolved salts or the ions, particles, bacteria’s, pyrogens and various other chemicals present in the water.

Reverse Osmosis is also quite effective in treating the brackish, surface, and groundwater for both large and small flows applications, works everywhere. Some examples of industries that use RO water which works amazingly include the pharmaceutical sectors, boiler feed water, food and beverage, metal finishing and semiconductor manufacturing and the list goes a long way down the road.

  • Ultra Violet (UV) water purifiers

Ultraviolet water purification is the most effective and the most desired method for disinfecting bacteria from the water. Ultraviolet (UV) rays penetrate the harmful pathogens from your water source and destroy the illness-causing microorganisms by attacking their genetic core (DNA), which is quite amazing. This is extremely efficient in eliminating their ability to reproduce and spread more infections.

Disinfecting your water with Ultraviolet light is exceptionally simple, effective, and environmentally safe for your water. UV systems destroy 99.99% of harmful microorganisms without adding chemicals or changing your water’s taste or, which works like wonders. UV water purification is usually used with other forms of filtration such as reverse osmosis systems or carbon block filters, which the reason they are quite in demand.

UV water purifiers are an effective means of water disinfection for residential point of entry used to help disinfect the entire home and make it safe and sound. UV water purifiers are extremely suggested to owners living in residents who could suspect any cryptosporidium, giardia, or any other types of bacteria and viruses in the water, which can cause a lot of harm. It is not suggested to use a chemical element or alternative chemicals to clean water like personal good house owners, because of the toxic by-products they create. It is essential to avoid drinking any water that is potentially contaminated from bacteria to protect yourself from any water-borne bacterial diseases.

Few Ultraviolet Purification Advantages

  1. They are chemical free, which states that UV purification does not use any chemicals like Chlorine or leave any harmful by-products for purifying water.
  2. They are taste & odor free, which means that the UV does not add any chemical taste or smell to the water to get the feeling.
  3. This purifier is hugely useful as it is regarded as one of the most effective ways to kill disease-causing microbes by destroying 99.99%.
  4. This purifier requires very little or less energy as it uses about the same power as it would run a 60-watt light bulb, which is an add on entitlement.
  5. This water purifier requires low maintenance as you can set and forget type of system, change UV bulb annually, which is recommended.
  • Choosing the Right UV Unit Size

If you draw water from a personal water system, it’s suggested to treat your entire home. To assure the very best satisfaction, choose the right size (gpm) of the UV system that matches your household peak demand flow rate. This is merely a measurement of what proportion water will flow through your main water line if all the water shops were opened right away.

  • Ultra-Filtration (UF) Water purifiers

UF or the ultra-filtration membrane or a water purifier is a similar membrane to RO membranes, but it has much bigger pores which cannot remove dissolved salts from water. The most significant advantage of UF water purifiers is that it will work without electricity. Sounds amazing, right?

UF or Ultra Filtration water purifier is the ideal water purifier for tap water in big cities as well as the urban areas, where you can be sure that you will always get good tap water without chemical contamination in the water. This is because a UF water purifier is capable of removing from water even the smallest of germs, the viruses, but it contains a slight disadvantage that it cannot take out dissolved solids from water.

Advantages of UF Water Purifier-

  • Works without electricity as it only requires just normal pipe water pressure.
  • Even if the UV water purifier kills the germs in the water, their bodies remain in the water but in the case of UF water purifier all bacteria and viruses quite physically aloof from the water and flushed intent on the drain once the UF water apparatus is flush cleansed on-line.
  • UF water purifiers can purify even cloudy turbid muddy water and can clean all the dirt and germs by physically removing it from the water.
  • In case of boiled water, the dirt, boiled germs, and their eggs remain in the water, while in the UF water purifiers they dig out all trash, bacteria and their eggs.
  • This purifier removes from water the highly Chlorine resistant eggs (cysts) of Amoebic dysentery and Gastroenteritis germs – Giardiasis and Cryptosporidiosis which are dangerous. Some water purifiers use extremely robust, harmful to human consumption chlorine chemicals, to kill the bacteria, but their eggs (cysts) are not destroyed. The eggs (cysts) have arduous protecting shells that can not be penetrated by chemical element chemicals. Also, the dead germs and their active eggs aren’t filtered out of the water in these purifiers.
  • As good as RO purifier the Ultrafiltration membrane water purifiers are as good as Reverse Osmosis water purifiers as when it is used with public or Municipal supplied pipe or tap water. Piped water won’t have issues with dissolved salts of toxicant chemicals like Arsenic or significant Metals in the water. RO is barely needed once the water has an excessive amount of dissolved salts.

As you can see, all the water purifier serves a different purpose. But they have a single aim in mind which is to provide you with purified water. And, to keep you and your loved ones safe from all the impurities caused by the water. Having chosen the best and suitable water purifier for your home now might have been easy as soon as you get to know about all the different technologies and water purifiers best suited for apartments. Avail the best water purifier and stay happy and safe and secure.

RO Care India, incorporated in 2003, is considered as the most trusted water purifier company. They contain all these three types of technological water purifiers. They aim to satisfy and fulfill the needs of the people by providing the best products and best customer support.

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