Global meat and steak production have increased rapidly over the last 50 years. It is projected that the market value of processed meat will further increase to USD 1.5 trillion by 2022.

All these numbers indicate that having a non-serrated steak chef knife set is essential in quickening the process of cutting steaks and other meats. In general, a non-serrated steak knife set is a collection of tools that have a sharp or straight edge and needs to be sharpened occasionally to be useful.

Although traditionally, people do not use non-serrated knives as steak blades, more individuals have opted for this tool in cutting meat. Unlike serrated knives, a plain-edge blade or nonserrated steak knife set from Foxtel provides a steady and firm pressure in the sawing motion.

The sawing motion of a plain-edge blade only needs lesser effort compared to serrated knives. It is because users will no longer need to saw the knife back and forth to cut the meat efficiently.

A non-serrated knife also brings a clean cut of meat compared to serrated blades. They cut steak and other meat without taking away its juices and flavors. Food experts believe that serrated knives affect the taste or flavor.

How to Choose the Best Non-Serrated Knives?

A knife is an essential tool in the kitchen. It is why choosing a high-quality plain-edge knife will do a lot to make cooking go smoother.

Having one that has the right balance of sharpness, weight, and texture ensures that the chopping of steaks and meat will go faster and safer. Like any other tool, however, steak knives are a dime a dozen, and choosing the best for your kitchen pose challenges.


Not only will you have to consider your budget, but buyers should also find their preferences to ensure that the knife provides better control. Check the construction and sharpness of the blade.

The top non-serrated steak knives do not only come sharp, but it also stays sharp for more extended periods. The sharpness of the blade influences how it is to use and how well it works.

Consider steak knives from reputable companies like Foxel, which are well-balanced, lightweight, and easy to use. Weight goes together with a balance in determining the comfort of the knife set.

Chopping might be a struggle if the weight of the knife falls too much to a single side. Examine the handle of the blade to ensure that it works splendidly with the size, shape, and strength of your hand.

The handling comfort will primarily depend on the shape and materials used. Typical materials utilized for non-serrated steak knives include but are not only limited to composites, plastic, wood, and metal.

Buyers should also take into consideration the maintenance of the knife. Some knives are more prone to rusting and corrosion due to the quality of blades used.

Knives shouldn’t be too complicated in this modern age. It would be a lot easier to have an eye for utility knives that will make your life a lot easier. For best results, choose top-notch steak knives made of high-carbon steel to ensure strongness and stability. Know more about the best non-serrated steak knives by checking Foxel today.

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