There are various ways to sell cars, such as placing a great advertisement on a newspaper or online portal, telling your family and friends to spread the word, or contacting certified dealers. Although each option has its pros and cons, the easiest and the most hassle-free option is to sell it to a trusted car dealer. 

The best thing about selling your used car to a dealer is that you do not have to find a buyer. However, in order to sell car to a certified dealer, you need to follow a few steps:

Prepare your car for sale

The first step to selling a car is to make sure that it is ready to be sold at a reasonable price. Get it cleaned and serviced properly. The interior of the car should not have any stains and blemishes. If possible, repair the dents and scratches on the car. If your car is in better condition, you will get a better deal. 

1. Know your car’s current worth

Once you get your car cleaned and repaired, research the car’s cash value. This can be done by getting quotes from multiple car dealers and individual buyers as well. Used car classified listings can be a good source to check too. However, ensure that the price you are expecting for selling the car isn’t lower than market expectations.

2. Keep the papers of the car handy

Sell Your Car

In order to sell a car to a certified dealer, you must have all the essential documents of the car with you. These include:

  • Registration certificate (RC)
  • Valid Insurance certificate
  • Pollution under control certificate (PUC)
  • Personal documents such as PAN card, Address proof, Self-attested photographs, and sales affidavit

Make a copy of the documents such as battery warranty cards and owner manual.

3. Visit the car dealership or sell using an online platform

You can visit the car dealership and express interest in selling your car. The dealership will then inspect the car and note down the vehicle identification number to check for accidents and damages. After a thorough inspection of your vehicle, you will receive an offer from the dealership. 

Alternatively, you can visit Spinny’s website, where you have to fill a simple form to sell a car. Enter your name, the car location, brand, model, variant, kilometers are driven, and year of purchase to get an instant quote online. 

Once you are ready to go ahead, there will be a free doorstep evaluation where your car will be inspected. You will receive a same-day payment if your car is in proper condition. 

  • Ask questions

The price of the car depends on various factors such as current auction prices and the condition of the car. If you have doubts about the price quoted by the certified dealer, feel free to ask questions. They will tell you about the auction prices and solve your doubts. 

  • Close the deal

Once you agree to the offer, the paperwork will begin. If all the documents are there in place, the process can end within a few hours. Some dealerships take 24-48 hours to make the payment, whereas others like Spinny guarantee same-day payment. 

These are the simple and easy steps you must follow if you want to sell a car to a certified dealer. The goal of the dealers is to make the car-selling process quick and hassle-free. Choose the right dealer for your car and sell it at the right price. 

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