If you are planning to invest in a used CNC machine, but have no idea as to what and how to buy, then you have reached the right place. It is not an easy task to buy the best quality used CNC machines. You must gain enough knowledge of the machine, information about the seller, its authenticity, and more.

It is a smart move to prepare yourself beforehand so that you will know what to expect from the dealer. Also, note down questions you have for the dealer so that you do not miss out on any important points during the dealing process.

The following are a few prime things you must check before investing in a used CNC machine.

Tightness and Tolerance

Ask your dealer about the tolerance of the machine. Tolerance in simple terms refers to deviation acceptance of the manufactured physical dimension of the piece. The tolerance level must be closer to the ideal measure as only then it will be tighter and firmer. This is one of the most important features as too much deviation would make the piece unusable. So make sure you are specific about the tolerance in terms of numerical much as possible.

Machine Hours

The machine hours are the first factor you must check when buying the used CNC machines. But not all logged-hours have the same impact. Know about its power-on hours and cutting time. Cutting time will let you know about the various parts of how much time it has been used for, like a spindle. Power-on hours will give you information about how long it was turned on so that you will get an idea about its battery maintenance and mechanical issues.

Ask your dealer about the power-on hour’s impact on the machine and how it has affected its longevity.


Vertical or Horizontal Machine Center

CNC machines come in varied models like that of the Vertical or Horizontal Machine. They both differ in their operation, price, features, and more. Though the vertical machines come at less price, horizontal machines are considered better in their productions. So choose machines according to your industry needs and demands rather than their pricing structures.

The following are a few factors that must be considered while choosing the vertical or horizontal machines.

  • Price – Like mentioned earlier, Vertical machines come at a much lower price when compared to horizontal machines. The vertical machines make a good option for small and medium-sized businesses. But if you prioritize more on productivity, then horizontal machines are the best choice.
  • Production – Vertical machines are economical and are best suited for small businesses. Horizontal leads in the productivity race and is much faster, making their price worthy. Though both the machines are capable to complete the same task, horizontal machines will complete the work in a much shorter time and with great perfection. It will save you from labor costs and also increase profitability.
  • Additional Factor – Beside Production and price, other factors that must be noted is the workspace. Vertical machines take up less space and are very heavy. So you will have to consider the shipping charge as well. The best part about vertical machines is they are very common, making it easy for the repairmen and operators to work on it. It will be easier to maintain as they will already be familiar with the machine parts and its services. You will also not have to worry about the spare parts as it will be easily available.

In the case of a horizontal machine, you will not need spare tooling, while saving you in terms of spare tools. They offer a higher production rate making it best suited for large businesses.

These are a few of the common features and points that you must note while investing in the used CNC machines. However, make sure to get help from an experienced and professional inspector before finalizing the machine. Do not invest in a machine just by looking at its low-price, for you will be created in terms of its features and productivity. Make sure to buy that suits your business needs and demands. Finally, it is always better to spend a penny more and invest in a good operational and functional one, rather than one with a low production rate.

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