The world is busy and time waits for no one or anything. Everyone is rushing towards the goal of making money to improve his or her lifestyle. If you’re in business, you should concentrate on your business techniques and profitably promote your Business. In this article, we will explain “What is perpetual income engine?”

Perpetual Income 365 Review 2022: Big SCAM Or 100% Legit?

This is a SUPER in-depth review of Shawn Josiah’s Perpetual Income 365 software where I’ll break down:

Let’s get started.

What is the Perpetual Income 365 Program?

Perpetual Income 365 is an online program designed to help users generate income. Shawn Josiah, a former Netflix developer, is the creator of the program. While at Netflix, Shawn first discovered the special algorithm used by the online marketing tool.

This program claims to be an affiliate marketing package, which consists of a simple, step-by-step guide. The Perpetual Income 365 has the following components:

  • 2 ready-made squeeze pages of the user’s choice
  • Web hosting for the said pages
  • An e-mail follow-up sequence for 31 days
  • A guide for solo ad traffic

According to the creator, this program can help users create great wealth if they use it consistently.

Who Is Shawn Josiah?

Shawn Josiah is a Singapore-based 7-figure affiliate and the founder of Perpetual Income 365. Shawn ranks in the top 5 of all WarriorPlus affiliates worldwide and has received the Clickbank platinum award multiple times for generating over $500,000 in sales in a year.

What is Shawn Josiah’s net worth?

According to, Shawn earns more than $1 million in commissions per year and has more than 400,000 email subscribers. We’re told he generates around $100k/month by only “working” 1 hour a day sending emails.

Who Can Use Perpetual Income 365?

According to the video on their official online page, the creator specifically addresses the target group for this program. The Perpetual Income 365 program is created for people who are already tired of their current jobs and hate them. It also works for people who feel they are trapped on a hamster wheel.

Additionally, some people are concerned about the next recession. They would like to earn significant amounts of money to keep back for the bad times ahead. Such people can also benefit from the Perpetual Income 365 program. Similarly, those who see their jobs in danger and long for a second, more secure foothold will be the beneficiaries of this program.

Generally, the program targets people who aim to generate a second income online. The Perpetual Income 365 program requires only a computer or laptop and reliable internet. Users should also desire to learn something new and have the motivation and willingness to invest their time.

It requires no technical knowledge, according to the creator. Even ordinary citizens with little or no knowledge about affiliate marketing can generate a significant income using the Perpetual Income 365 program.

How Does the Perpetual Income 365 Program Work?

Perpetual Income 365 is created for those with little time to generate a passive income during the day through their work, family, or social events. The program requires a little more time in the first 31 days when dealing with the daily e-mail follow-up sequences.

However, the following months require less time, but users don’t need to take a holiday. Those who opt for the program receive two pre-designed squeeze pages, a web hosting of those pages, and the 31-day e-mail follow-up. They also get instructions for solo ad traffic.

The two squeeze pages are simply websites with URLs through which visitors to the site can sign up. Once they sign up, they receive email addresses, which they can use for their e-mail campaigns. The site visitor is directed to the PI365 Revenue Generation Program page, where they have the chance to purchase the program.

If the visitors invest their money in the program, the website owner receives a 50 percent commission. Web hosting is necessary for the users to go online. It is a space on a server that is available to the user’s website.

At the same time, the e-mail follow-up is a sequence of e-mails that the user receives for 31 days—the e-mail campaign from the individual through whose website a user bought the Perpetual Income 365 program.

For the solo ad traffic, these are instructions that users require to enable them to bring people to their sites. Users can earn a commission when they bring people to their site and sign up for the PI365 program. This is nearly impossible without advertising.

Can You Make Money With Perpetual Income 365?

Yes, but only by promoting Perpetual Income 365 through their affiliate program. Perpetual Income 365 affiliates were paid out over $1.2 million in 2020 alone.

But it might not be as easy as Shawn likes to make out. While the software does a good job at creating optimized landing pages, you’re still going to have to find traffic from somewhere.

And not just any traffic either…

Remember, you only make money when real people hear what you have to say and take action. That means you want to be sure you’re promoting the right kind of products to the right kind of people.

I hope it goes without saying, but spending a lot of money to spam random people with links to your landing page might not be the best long-term strategy…

You’re going to need an ad budget of $100’s or even $1,000’s to spend on solo ad vendors through sites like Udimi in the hope you can make more than you’re paying out.

Solo ads aren’t cheap either, realistically you should expect to pay anywhere between $0.30 – $0.95 per click:

How Much Does Perpetual Income 365 Cost?

You can buy the Perpetual Income 365 system for $9 (or $10.80 when you include VAT). Plus there’s a $47 monthly payment to access the community and training updates.

This came as a surprise to me, but notice what’s written in the red box below:

When you sign up to PI365 you are actually signing up to pay a $47 membership fee each and every month until you cancel.

Benefits of Perpetual Income 365.

  • It is very easy to handle.
  • As per Perpetual Income 365 reviews, Perpetual Income 365 system is effective and is of high quality.
  • You can access it anytime from any place and from any device that you want.
  • It is a proven system.
  • Provides all the information that you require for making money.
  • It provides quick results.

Pros and Cons.


A number of advantages of Perpetua Income 365 can be listed below:

  • High-quality product designed to create a recurring income for your one-off marketing effort.
  • Easy plug-and-play software to get members started in less than 30 mins.
  • Fresh funnels are created in a “click” with autopilot follow-up emails.
  • Works well with personal development, biz opp, wealth creation, and I’m traffic.
  • Proven high upsell take-up rates to maximize your income with us.
  • Good and detailed training videos of every single feature.


Haven’t found it so far.

Perpetual Income 365 Refund Policy?

Now let’s talk about probably the most awaited part of this review. That is the refund policy offered to everyone by Perpetual Income 365.

Unlike other affiliate marketing platforms where you put an investment with no confirmation about whether your investment will be worth it or you will lose all your money invested on that platform, PI365 is different.

Once you enroll yourself into PI365, you’ll either learn and start your career in affiliate marketing or make money. Or you will get your full money back!

If you are not satisfied with anything regarding PI365, or if things are not working for you, then you can get a 100% refund if you ask for it within the first 60 days of enrollment.

So now you can start working and generate a second source of income, or maybe turn affiliate marketing into a full-time source of income with no regrets in your mind as to whether your investment is going to be worth it or not.

Either you’ll enjoy it, or you’ll get your money back!

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