What does OG mean? Hold on; we’ll get to that. But first a little context.

A shortened form that is generally utilized in messaging and visit and on Instagram, Facebook, and somewhere else on the web, yet what does OG mean in slang?


OG is quite a regular term in the realm of cannabis. What does OG mean, however?

OG means “original gangster.” The term can likewise signify “ocean grown.” What it implies when you see, for instance, Skywalker OG is that one of the parent strains of the strain is probably going to be OG Kush.

Regardless of whether it implies sea developed, unique hoodlum or unique is unessential. You can choose what you need to depend on. Its significance is substantially more significant.

What Does OG Mean?

“OG” means “original gangster.”

It is an expression that is frequently utilized in rap and hip bounce culture. This later discovered its way into the web and messaging society. The long type of “OG” is a “unique hoodlum.”

The importance of “original gangster” is somebody who is from “the old school” or somebody who has a profundity of information or experience.

On the off chance that new hoodlums think they are extreme, at that point, “OGs” are commonly harder.

The expression “original gangster” is said to have come to fruition during the 1970s. During this time, a Los Angeles road posse known as the fresh was rapidly growing.

The individuals who were designated “OG” were a portion of the establishing, or “unique,” individuals.

While the expression “criminal” is utilized in this unique situation, how it is as of now used has little to do with real hoodlums, road packs, or composed wrongdoing.

Presently, many use it by and large discourse or in on-line correspondence to show that somebody is an expert on something or has excellent expertise in a specific region.

First Letter O, Second Letter G

OG isn’t regularly utilized as an assignment for how the weed was developed. Any of the OG strains may have been developed inside, debilitating the case for the advocates of “Outside Grown.”

Stoners may at first be enticed to acknowledge that pot strains are named actually, yet making a decision from the plenty of uncontrollably named strains out there, their one of a kind characteristics and impacts.

Almost certainly, the genuine importance of OG is likewise much more fun-loving than a conflicting assignment alluding to philosophy and significantly more fun than a new tribute to a long-old site.

Original Gangster Kush

OG Kush can make a case for parentage from around the globe yet its source. On the off chance that you’re into OG slang, at that point, you may want to consider this most loved like the Original Gangster that it is and leave it at that, maybe.

og mean

Maybe we don’t have to know where the OG Kush strain began honestly. Like Geto Boys stated, it feels great to be that Original Gangster, one that you don’t generally have a clue.

Ocean Grown Kush

On the off chance that OG represents Ocean Grown Kush, at that point, the famous OG weed legend you’re buying in to includes two ranchers, one of which in OG slang, was flexin’ nuts.

The Ocean Grown story has a few variations; however, it by and significant beginnings with two ranchers talking over a crisp bowl of pot.

Regardless of whether Ocean Grown Kush is acknowledged as the right name, there might be perplexity concerning whether this crossover is Sativa-predominant or indicia-prevailing.

OG Strains are Stuff Stoners Like

OG represents whatever you want to accept or demand. If you go for OG slang or progressively strict importance of OG, it’s a given that OG strains, like OG Kush, Tahoe OG, and OG Chem.

Stoners have delighted in extraordinary assortment among these executioner strains without maybe in any event, pondering “What does OG mean.”

Ideally, we discover you dug in underneath a standard perusing the world is yours as you fire up that bowl of past Ocean Grown, Outdoor Grown, or Original Gangster. Whatever you choose to call it, the OG strains are Stuff Stoners Like.

In any case, What Does OG intends to you, folks? Pull out all the stops. Characterize OG for us!

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