While sexual education in schools focuses on health, safety, and contraception, there’s next to nothing about pleasure.

With so much taboo and shame around sexuality, it can feel overwhelming for women to try to experience orgasm and pleasure on their own. But there are several ways to increase your sexual enjoyment without breaking the bank or feeling like you’re being judged.


Angling is a sexual technique that involves fishing lines and hooks to catch one or more fish. It is a viral activity in the United States and a great way to relax and unwind.

Despite the popularity of angling, little research has been done to understand how it might help increase women’s pleasure during sex. However, a national survey found that 87.5% of US women make vaginal penetration more pleasurable using ‘Angling’: rotating, raising, or lowering their pelvis/hips during penetration to adjust where inside the vagina the toy or penis rubs and what it feels like (Solo Angling). You can visit website if you want to see this kind of action and enjoy it.

In addition, 69.7% of women orgasm more often or make vaginal penetration more pleasurable when they or their partner reaches down to stimulate their clitoris with a finger or sex toy. At the same time, their vagina is being penetrated (Partner Pairing). These data provide techniques at women’s disposal to make penetration more pleasurable, empowering women to identify their preferences better, communicate about them and advocate for their sexual pleasure. 


Rocking is a vaginal penetration technique that involves the base of a penis or sex toy constantly rubbing against a woman’s clitoris during penetrative contact. This differs from the traditional in-out thrusting method, where the pressure is too thin throughout the vaginal canal.

Women report increased arousal when they rock during intercourse and feel more controlled by their sexual experiences. The technique also reduces pain associated with penetrative orgasm and increases the intensity of the experience for both partners.

The swaying back and forth movement stimulates the vestibular senses, which refer to parts of the inner ear and brain that regulate balance and eye movements. This stimulation causes a release of the chemical endorphins, which is a natural feel-good substance that relieves stress and pain.

Some people find rocking helps them relax and fall asleep more quickly. For example, a 1960 study in Physical Therapy Review found that women who had undergone a Cesarean section slept longer and more profoundly if they swayed.


The best part about pairing is that it can be used with any client. It’s especially beneficial for children who avoid social interactions and have difficulty responding to environmental stimuli.

Using the proper technique can make any sex session more enjoyable for both partners. A recent study found that women are more likely to find penetrative sex pleasurable when they do it the right way. As a result, they are willing to spend more time and money on it. That being said, several techniques can be utilized to increase the sex factor, from rocking your partner in the chair to making them feel more at home with their body parts.


There are many ways that a woman’s body can feel pleasure during sex. Some women may find certain forms of stimulation or touch more arousing or orgasmic for them than others.

When the base of the sex object or penis stays close to the clitoris throughout penetration, some women report more pleasure. This technique is called ‘Shallowing.’

Data from this study provide descriptions of and prevalence estimates for four techniques women have discovered to make vaginal penetration more pleasurable: Angling, Rocking, Shallowing, and Pairing. These results contribute to a person-centered approach to sexual pleasure, previously underexplored in published literature. They also provide the language for women to identify their preferences, communicate about them and advocate for their sexual satisfaction.

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