There are still some people in the society that still likes vintage stuff but are unable to find In the 16th century; the wristwatches were made with springs rather than with weights and the so-called portable watches were not really portable, instead they were huge, as vast as the size of a wall clocks and only the aristocrats were looked upon and known to own or buy such watches as they were considered a luxury item and something that only an aristocratic gentlemen could hold. But slowly and gradually, the watches evolved, and the spring was introduced, and they took the place of weights; only then in the later 16th-century portable and lightweight wrist watches really came into being.

Nowadays; vintage wristwatches are hard to find in shops and even when you manage to find one; it is costly because of its uniqueness and its age, almost a luxurious item to buy. Wristwatches have been around for so long, since almost the 16th century when it was a mark of statement to keep and wear a wristwatch. It used to show your class in events and high-class gatherings.

Today, almost every man, woman or child is seen as wearing a wristwatch. We don’t really find antique, and vintage wristwatches anymore on someone’s wrist because maybe as the world is advancing people don’t like to wear such old fashion accessory or perhaps the people who own these steampunk wristwatch are keeping it safe and think it too valuable to wear in their day to day life. They only wear these watches on special occasions. For more click here.

If you are obsessed and love the Victorian Era, a great way to channel that love is to buy steampunk accessories. All the Victorian accessories are artistic, unique, and classy because they are made with the highest craftsman’s ship possible. Because they are made with so much hard work and labor; they are costly and extremely rare. Only a true lover of steampunk or Victorian era can find them.

If you are an admirer this vintage stuff then for you we have created a list of famous steampunk wristwatches which are readily available in shops and on the internet and are super chic at the same time for the ultimate steampunk wristwatch lover:


The amazing steampunk wristwatch:

1. Rose Gold Mechanical Wrist Watch:

This wristwatch has a mystical appeal in itself. It has a rose gold finish along with a brown leather strap and white stitching. Front and the back of the watch are like windows to look into the watch’s mechanism, and you can see the gear working from front and backside. The dial has roman numerals with blue hands with gold and red accents. This is one of the finest Victorian era’s wristwatch.

2. Ground Effect Steampunk Watch:

This watch has an aged leather strap which gives the feeling of vintage. It has a delicate pattern which is cutout and gives you a peek at the gears which are working inside the watch, and you can watch then tick away for hours, it’s so mesmerizing. Everything about this watch is vintage except its arms; they give a modern feel.

3. Classic Steampunk Mechanical Wrist Watch:

This watch is a self-winding watch which is paired with a vintage touch. It has an elegance and luxurious touch along with a silver and blue face. The thing which adds to its beauty is the gold gears which are peeking through the front glass window.

4. Black Leather Adjustable Cuff Custom Quartz Watch:

This unique watch has an oversized face with beautiful triple displays, making it a timeless piece. You can add this watch to a double strapped bit with a color combination. This is a fantastic gift for any man who likes vintage stuff, especially steampunk accessories.

5. Women’s Gray Leather Steampunk Mechanical Watch:

this women’s watch offers a sense of creativity along with sophistication, funky and sporty design, class, and charm. Having this watch shows that you have a sense of styles. The interlinked blue and light gray leather strap make it a beautiful piece worth having.

As soon as we see someone carrying or wearing a steampunk wristwatch; we perceive them as a person who loves antique things and is definitely a keeper of these beautiful things. A wristwatch tells us a lot about a man; his position in society, his manners, his ability to value time and also the fact that he is a gentleman. You take a look here for more

them; if you really love the vintage wristwatches that much you should be ready to spend some money and should use the internet to search for the steampunk wristwatches.

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