There are so many kinds of people out there. You never know who you’ll come across and when! In order to be the ideal employee in your organization, you’ve got to be prepared with how you can deal with difficult people. But first, you’ve got to know the most popular kinds of difficult people. Deal with difficult people to sail all the way to success!

1. The gossip

This is the most popularly found kind out there, at work. They tend to be exaggerated versions of the true scenario and tend to get away as well. I recommend you not to indulge with such people because you never know when they’ll start gossip about you!

To communicate with the gossipers effectively, check out these tips:

  • Avoid sharing and listening about people’s personal lives.
  • Let it go; there’s no point in changing them
  • Let them know if something upsets you. They may change, you never know.
  • Set an example for others by not gossiping.

2. The blamer

The blamers are another kind altogether. They’re also known as ‘guilt trippers’ and all they do is keep passing on responsibilities here and there. They mostly won’t apologize for their actions or take responsibility either. All they want to do is get away from the trouble they create in the first place.

To communicate with the blamers effectively, check out these tips:

  • Try talking to them on the basis of facts and not possibilities.
  • Admit your mistakes in front of this person; he may get inspired!
  • Be assertive and maintain your distance.

3. The flyer

These people tend to ‘fly off the handle’ at any point in time. You can label a flyer as ‘drama queen!’ Such people tend to be over- expressive, attention-seeking and tend to maintain superficial relationships. They may seem to be funny, if in a good mood. If not, you can expect a tantrum off them.

To communicate with the flyers effectively, check out these tips:

  • Remain calm irrespective of the flyer’s attitude.
  • Communicate how you feel about their attitude
  • Understand that you can’t change the flyer. Be patient

Types of difficult people

4. The control freak

Well, all they do is control everyone! The control freaks tend to have traits like being perfection- oriented, expect way too much and so on. They tend to walk all over someone else life because all they have are urges to control people, things, tasks, anything!

  • To communicate with the control freaks effectively, check out these tips:
  • Praise their love for detail at work
  • Don’t take their outbursts of controlling personally
  • Give them a day off or some time off so that they reduce their controlling attitude eventually

5. The victim

This is another kind. All the victim kind does is complain about his problems, crib, and cry. They don’t really want to do anything about their current situation but, whine all the way. They tend to be extroverts who love cribbing in simple words.

To communicate with the victims effectively, check out these tips:

  • Figure how whether they’re actually targeted or not
  • Talk on the basis of evidence, facts and more
  • Empathize with them; don’t make them feel helpless

difficult people

6. The quiet kind

This kind is mostly sorted but, they may feel very suffocated in the long run. The quiet one is pretty difficult to understand and they tend to just hide behind their allotted cubicle most of the time.

To communicate with the quiet ones effectively, check out these tips:

  • Don’t push them to talk
  • Give them space; they sure will open up
  • Let them know you’re there for them; in case something is there to talk about

7. Passive-aggressive kind

Passive-aggressive people are scary. They’re neither on the quiet side nor the attention-seeking side. Lost in their phony ways, they’re just difficult people to work within the long run. A classic way they can mess with a member is by sabotaging their work!

To communicate with the quiet ones effectively, check out these tips:

  • Don’t reciprocate the attitude they have; confront them instead
  • Direct communication is the key
  • Be honest with them about how you feel and related aspects

8. The paranoid kind

Paranoid people are seen on TV daily! They’re frustrating to work with and you may feel suspicious of their intentions. In simple words, they’re always paranoid!

To communicate with the paranoid kind effectively, check out these tips:

  • Be cautious when you talk to such people
  • Again, be factual and very professional
  • Don’t get caught up in their paranoia; it’s going to kill you!

9. The narcissist 

The narcissists are commonly known to be the ones who use mirrors or take selfies all the time. All they need is admiration, entitlement and high praises from everyone. Their love for attention for self is so extreme that it’ll probably make you hate the person. I’d say the most difficult people at work you’ll find are this kind.

To communicate with the narcissist kind effectively, check out these tips:

  • Flatter them to get things done
  • Praise openly for best results at work
  • Make sure you’re the realistic one amongst you and the narcissist

In conclusion

At the end of the day, no matter which organization you work in, you’ll come across difficult people. Deal with them by signing up for online training courses or just keep reading and applying your learning! Don’t forget to be kind to them and assertive as well.

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